With COVID-19 still lingering in the air, the harsh reality is that the skin care industry will still be in lockdown until level 1 rolls around. So, you might as well treat yourself to an at-home DermaFix facial.


While it may be a long while still till you are freely able to enjoy your monthly facial, this does not mean that you should be neglecting to take care of your skin during this time. On the contrary, while the outside world continues to manifest feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, it’s now more important than ever to take care of your own mental health, and one of the best ways to de-stress is to bring a sense of the salon into your very own bathroom.

Don’t get me a wrong, nothing beats a professional salon treatment, whatever you try to do at home can never be equally simulated. Professional treatments are more specialised with deeper exfoliation and infusion with potent active ingredients that are not always available for retail. This does not mean that you should totally go without. 


Here are a few tips to make the most of your at-home DermaFix facial routine:


  • To start with, an online or telephonic consultation with your skin care professional will help ensure you are using the correct products suited to your skin.
  • Perform the facial at night-time. Your skin is in hardcore repair mode while you sleep. Make sure you have a freshly washed pillowcase to sleep on.
  • Ideally, perform your at-home facial once a week or bi-weekly. If that is too frequent for you, once a month is better than none.
  • Always use lukewarm water. Using water that is too hot or too cold can be harsh on your skin.
  • Dim the lights, take deep breaths during your facial or play relaxing background music, especially while your masque is on. Remember that part of this ‘me time’ is taking the time to relax.
  • Prepare your hair for your facial by tying it up and wearing a headband or wrapping it up tightly with a towel.


Step 1: Start with a double cleanse


To make the most of your at-home facial routine, you need to start with a clean canvas. Any makeup or product left on your skin will result in a less effective facial. Double cleansing with the appropriate DermaFix Cleanser effectively removes makeup, topical product, and sebum, ridding your skin of any grime, dirt or sweat, and leaving you with a squeaky-clean skin ready for next step.


Step 2: Exfoliate


Any effective facial includes an exfoliation step. This is especially beneficial to remove redundant skin cells, boosting cellular renewal and leaving your skin with a smoother texture.  Exfoliation additionally helps to even out your skin tone and allows skincare products to penetrate more effectively. DermaFix DermaPolish or DermaFix DermaPolish + Activated Charcoal offer mild enzymatic exfoliation for gentle removal of redundant skin cell build up, suitable for use across all skin types. For an advanced deeper exfoliation, apply a thin layer of DermaFix DermaBright, allowing 3 minutes to dry, before applying your DermaPolish of choice onto the skin. Remember that enzymatic exfoliation requires activation by means of heat and moisture, so always use warm water to when working with these. Alternatively, incorporate steam alongside your exfoliation step by either hovering your face over a bowl of hot water, covering your head with a towel to trap the steam in, or soak a towel in warm water and put it over your face, making sure the water isn’t so hot that it burns. Your exfoliation step should take anything from 3-15 minutes, depending on individual skin needs and tolerance. Once complete, remove all product thoroughly from the skin using facial mitts or sponges.


Step 3: Tone

Using a cotton pad, wipe the appropriate DermaFix Toner over the entire surface of your face, neck, and décolleté, and allow to dry on the skin. Toning would normally be followed with a session of extractions. Whilst many facials incorporate this step, we would not advise you to do your own extractions at home as over squeezing or using the incorrect technique may cause more harm than good. Rather opt for a spot treatment product like DermaFix Mattifying Pore Minimiser to assist with clearing up any breakout lesions.


Step 4: Masque

You have now reached the real relaxation portion of your at-home facial routine. Using your favourite DermaFix Masque suited to target the current skin concerns, apply a layer onto your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes before removing thoroughly. For extra relaxation points, enjoy a warm bubble-bath while your masque is on.


Step 5: Correct

Boost the overall health of your skin by applying a DermaFix Serum or ACC corrective.  When choosing your serums, remember that serums containing Vitamin C are especially beneficial for daytime protection against free-radical damage while those containing Vitamin A are ideal for overnight use as they allow for skin renewal and repair. ACC Hyaluronic and ACC Copper may be used at any time and are suitable options for all skin types. Once your serum has been applied, wait a few minutes before applying your eye cream and moisturiser to ensure your skin takes in all the benefits from the active ingredients.


Step 6: Eye cream

Do not forget that even this area of the face needs some regular TLC. Using light circular movements, apply small amount of your favourite DermaFix Eye Corrective around the eye, following the bone structure and working towards the nose.


Step 7: Moisturise

The final step toward skin perfection comes with the application of a suitable moisturiser accompanied by a light facial massage.  Not only does a massage feel heavenly, it also tones facial muscles and promotes a healthy glow as circulation is improved, not to mention the fact that it helps relieve stress too! DermaFix offers a range of moisturisers suited to meet the individual needs of the skin whilst helping to balance the skins natural protective barrier. Should you be performing your facial during the day, be sure to apply DermaFix DermaShield SPF40/SPF50 high protection sunscreen before you head off outdoors.


There you have it; 7 simple steps to a happier skin and a more relaxed you.  For more information on the DermaFix products best suited to meet the needs of your skin, contact us directly on 0861282323 or visit www.dermafix.co.za