It is true that we are living in an age of technology; it is key to our daily lives and everything we do; the skin care industry is no exception, embracing new technology.  From IPL (Intense Pulse Light) , CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy with Microneedling or Dermapen – automated ), LED (Light-emitting Diode), RF (Radio Frequency), Plasma, Ultrasound and HydraFacial, to name but a few, it’s no wonder we can feel overwhelmed when we visit our Skin Care Professionals.


To help put all these modalities into perspective, let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular technologies available to us on our skin care journey, and how we can achieve the best results alongside our homecare.


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)


Better known as Microneedling, this modality has been around for quite a while, with origins dating back to the 1950’s. Over the years, popularity of this modality has come and gone, however these days Microneedling has once more made a huge comeback.  The emergence of electrical Microneedling pen devices have flooded the industry, making this the preferred protocol for skin rejuvenation. Whether you use a Microneedling roller or the pen device, the aim of the protocol remains the same – to promote collagen and elastin production by means of a controlled injury healing response.  This allows for a plumping of skin, a reduction in lines and wrinkles, and a softening of acne scarring and stretchmarks. Whilst the concept of rolling fine needles over the surface of the skin seems frightening, the results are well worth it with. Microneedling encourages the uptake of product into the skin, allowing for an improved response from your skin care product application. Pair this modality with any of the DermaFix ActiveCellCeuticals in-clinic and incorporate the following superb and scientifically formulated home care support produts for advanced results; DermaFix Collagen Conformer, DeCeLeRate, CBD Lotion and Retinol +.


Plasma Pen applied by a Somatologist  in a medical setting


Newer, Plasma Pen devices are still relatively unknown, however the popularity of this device is fast rising.  Working to tighten the skin, plasma creates an electrical arc when brought close to the surface of the skin, heating the surface tissue and causing a micro injury to the skin. This in turn causes the surrounding skin in the area to contract, and leads to visible skin tightening. Plasma offers the client versatility as it not only offers skin tightening benefits, but is also an effective protocol for the removal of skintags, warts, cherry angiomas etc. Downtime can be expected with this protocol, and inflammation may be a concern.  Pre-conditioning of the skin with DermaFix MelanoDerm for melanocyte control in hyperpigmentation prone skin is recommended. Once the skin healing starts to take effect, your normal DermaFix home-care products can be reintroduced.




The newer treatment known as Ultherapy, ultrasound is a form of osscillating sound energy that uses molecular vibration in the tissue that can result in heat generation.  In doing so, blood flow is stimulated and healing is encouraged as production of collagen increases. Ultrasound helps to sooth inflammation and promotes skin tightening for a more youthful appearance, whilst further encouraging the uptake of product into the skin. For best results, use alongside your favourite DermaFix Serum or ActiveCellCeutical, offering scientific skin care formulations.


Radio Frequency used in conjunction with the DermaFix ACC range of actives.


This modality makes use of radio frequency energy to heat the skin, thereby stimulating the key proteins within the skin to generate healthier collagen and elastin for a tighter, younger-looking skin.  Radio frequency may be used in conjunction with DermaFix ACC Hyaluronic Gel and ACC Copper. This technology is especially beneficial to tone and tighten areas of loose skin such as on the abdomen and arms, as well as for the firming of facial contours. A warm red skin may be expected after the protocol is completed, DermaFix HydraSooth SOS can be introduced to help cool, calm and hydrate the skin.


Laser modalities

  • Non- Ablative Laser is Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT)  in skin care offering stimulating, healing and restoring benefits. This light energy is used to generate a heat response in the skin, thereby encouraging skin rejuvenation. Laser is especially popular to target environmentally damaged skin, and effectively improves epidermal hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  Various laser devices such as IPL, or intense pulsed light, may also be used to target vascularity in the skin, helping to improve skin redness. Fractional CO2 Laser indicated for moderate to deep skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.  Whilst laser is generally regarded as safe, it is not recommended on Fitzpatrick skin types 1V, V, V1 due to PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).
  • SL Laser, Alma Q Laser, Lucid Carbon Laser all used with medical grade “Carbon Gel” applied then vaporized – no risk of burning the skin is reported.
  • Pre-protocol conditioning of the skin with DermaFix MelanoDerm is essential for melanocyte control, working as a tyrosinase inhibitor preventing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is advised to avoid sun exposure for at least 2-3 weeks both before and after laser is performed.


Your Skin Care Professional will help guide you in the correct direction when choosing the best modality for your skin type. It is important to remembet that, as many of these protocols generate heat, potential downtimes exist, and following the correct home care as recommended by your Skin Care Professional is key to achieving results. None of these protocols should be performed without establishing the correct sun safety habits, and using High Protection against  UVA/UVB exposure with DermaFix DermaShield SPF40/50 Broad Spectrum sunscreen. DermaFix Ferulic + C + E provides celluar protection by offering anti-oxidant boosting benefits for up to 72 hours.


For more on the above-mentioned modalities and how to best incorporate your DermaFix products alongside these protocols, contact DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care directly on 0861 28 23 23, or visit for more information on the DermaFix product range.