Let’s be honest, packing light can be a challenge, so here are some Tips for Travelling with Your Skin Care Essentials. Even more so when you look at your glorious collection of skincare products. Surely you can’t leave any behind for the holidays?


This challenge is compounded if you are planning to do any international travel. Those airport restrictions can be a killer for your good packing vibes. All cosmeceutical products should be kept below 23° Celsius to protect ingredient integrity, so ensure that you have a well-insulated travel bag for them.

DermaFix have rounded up their 7 essentials for travelling, and how best to use them. 

1. DermaFix Cleanser and Toner. This counts as one step, the perfect cleanse. Plus, your toner doubles up as a great facial mist for those dehydrating airplane cabins. When transporting any liquid cosmeceutical, it is advisable to pack them into a sealable plastic bag to ensure that, in the event that the cabin pressure causes slight leaking, your suitcase does not soak up all that DermaFix goodness. 

2. Another skin care hack for airplane travel is to take your favourite masque onboard and soak up the benefits while you fly. DermaFix recommends Vitamin Therapy Masque, this product boasts benefits for dehydrated, environmentally damaged, inflamed, wrinkled, and lined skin, this is sure to mitigate the effects from that nasty airplane air.  

3. Essential moisture is a must for travelling, but humid environments can make your skin routine feel heavy on your face. So, if travelling to the beach for the holidays, make sure that you pack a light, hydrating moisturizer that will protect from dehydration, rejuvenate your skin, and offer skin barrier protection. DermaFix’s number one choice is BioHydrating Cream.  

4. DermaFix Argan Oil. You can use this for your skin, your hair, and your nails! We just love this multi-tasking product. Not only is it hydrating and nourishing, but it also balances your skin, and leaves it feeling light enough for tropical climates. Naturally containing Vitamin E, Ferulic and Polyphenols, this oil also aids in the protection of the skin from free-radical damage, has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

5. It goes without saying that you should always pack a broad-spectrum SPF when embarking on any journey. DermaShield SPF 40/50 UVA/UVB/HEV Broad Spectrum Light Protection Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun as well as the blue light emitted from screens such as your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Apply as your last skin care step every morning and reapply two hourly when outdoors or exposed to harsh conditions.  

6. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we miss an area of application with our SPF, and we land up getting a little too much sun on some areas of our skin. DermaFix HydraSooth SOS soothes and calms redness and irritation in the skin in double-quick time, so don’t forget to pack this essential product. Not only is it ultra-calming, but it can also be used as a serum, moisturizer or masque to hydrate, calm, provide anti-oxidant protection, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.  

7. No holiday is complete without a night out on the town so don’t forget your DermaFix BB Cream available in three different shade-matching colours. This incredible colour corrective with leave your skin glowing, picture perfect and ready for you to capture those memorable moments!  

Whatever your holiday plans, travel safely, make the most of it, and always wear your SPF!