Mention DIY and the first thing that comes to mind is probably one of those easy-to-do projects in and around the house, like repainting a wall or making your own headboard. Performing an advanced skin care protocol at home, on the other hand, should be the last thought to cross one’s mind, however the trend of performing protocols such as microneedling, chemical peeling, laser hair removal, and believe it or not, even fillers, in the comfort of one’s home is on the rise.


Armed with nothing more than a video tutorial found on social media and driven by the need to save money, more people are choosing to perform DIY skin care protocols on themselves, rather than seeking out assistance from a trained skin care professional. Whilst many of these protocols seem to be relatively straight forward, performing advanced protocols without the proper training is not a good idea. Let’s take a look at why…


Understanding the skin’s anatomy, the way the skin heals, as well as how a protocol impacts the skin are all an integral part of treatment success and thorough understanding needs to be taught and gained through experience. As each individual skin responds differently, one needs to know how to adapt to reactions in order to minimize risks and complications that might arise. Thoroughly monitoring the skin’s response is therefore very important as these protocols could result in adverse effects and may leave irreparable damage to the skin if not performed properly. Hygiene and sterilization are key points to consider when it comes to treatment safety, however, these are often overlooked when performing a protocol at home, despite this being an absolute necessity to minimize risks of infection.


Preparing the skin properly, taking into consideration factors like melanocyte control and using the correct home care is of utmost importance to help overcome any potential problems and infections, as is using the appropriate products alongside these advanced protocols being key to success. For at-home procedures, serums and actives are often acquired online from unknown companies, and little regard is given to the purity of the actives used, the conditions in which they may be produced, and whether or not the product is actually suited for its intended use. The quality of these products often affects the results one is hoping to see on the skin, and in some cases may cause more harm than good.


Should you be considering advanced skin care protocols, watching an online tutorial can help you gain an understanding of how these protocols work and what the procedure entails, however considering the above-mentioned points, it is recommended to leave the actual ‘doing’ of the treatment to a qualified skin care professional. DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care includes chemical peeling, dermaplaning and microneedling as part of their professional skin care range and can help guide you in your choice of professional treatment protocol along with which home care products will work in synergy to provide you with the results you wish to achieve. For further assistance, and for details of your closest DermaFix stockist, please contact DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care directly on 0861282323.