After years of struggling with hormonal pigmentation and trying countless products (both OTC and professional), I was introduced to DermaFix.

I was given a treatment plan which included peels, microneedling and a specific range of their products which are targeted to treating pigmentation.

From the get-go I noticed a dramatic difference in the quality, and results of what was done to my skin. The DermaFix Progressive Peel  was by far the most result based of any other peel I had ever done before. It lifted and removed a huge amount of the pigmentation I had.

The products I was then advised to used help lift and treat the stubborn underlying pigmentation. I use:

  • Mandelic Cleanser
  • Mandelic Toner
  • Dermapolish + Charcoal
  • Ferulic + C +E Serum
  • Skin Lite cream
  • DermaShield SPF 40

The products are concentrated and a little goes a long way!

The difference in my skin is obvious. Not only has the entire health of my skin improved in terms of tone and texture but my pigmentation has broken up and lightened and decreased dramatically! Not only was surface pigmentation removed but the deeper set pigmentation was also treated.

Never before has any other range of products been able to deliver such obvious results and I am thrilled that I no longer need to wear heavy makeup and concealer to try cover up my pigmentation. I will now not use any product on my skin that isn’t DermaFix. The results are amazing!

Jan 21, 2019

Thank you DermaFix for introducing me to your fantastic skin care range. As a Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist, my skin always has to look its best.

Thanks to my sponsor DermaFix this is possible.

After completing my skin analysis, I received a personalised range of DermaFix skincare products: Hydra-Silk Cleanser, Revitalising Toner, ActiveCellCeuticals (Copper), Bio-Hydrating Cream, DermaPolish, Dermashield SPF 45 and Skin ResQ. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start using everything.

I have sensitive skin, which tends to become irritated quite easily. Because of my sensitive skin I struggle to find products that I can trust. But since I have started using DermaFix I have seen such an improvement in my skin in just two weeks, without any irritations! My skins appearance has totally changed, it looks healthy, nourished and glowing.

My three favourite products from the range is the DermaPolish, Hydra-Silk Cleanser and ActiveCellCeuticals (Copper). The DermaPolish gently exfoliates away the top layer of your skin, leaving the skin radiant and smooth. The Hydra-Silk Cleanser gently washes away all the grim without leaving the skin feeling dry. The ACC Copper has active ingredients which penetrate into the skin. It has a calming effect for sensitive skin and even doubles up as an eye cream.

I’m definitely hooked on the DermaFix products, which are affordable and effective. I would highly recommend their skincare products to anyone looking for reliable results.


Claudell van Eeden

Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist

Claudell van Eeden Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist Jul 27, 2015

Hi my name is Maree Rodinis and I started my journey with Dermafix about 3 years ago. I started using their products at that time and noticed such a difference in my skin.

A year ago I I had four of their peels and then decided to do the micro-needling.

The results have been awesome. People I know have said to me you are looking young what have you been doing? I tell all about my secret and recommend the products as they are affordable and work!

Thank you Dermafix!!!!!

Maree Rodinis

Maree Rodinis Jul 27, 2015

Dear Dermafix Stockists! This is not an official newsletter from DERMAFIX – it is a personal ” before and after” email! When I got Bodybright and Moisturizer RX,

I was very exited about the latter (Moisturizer R X) because if some country has dry skin on body and face , it is ours!!!

My employee Mrs Helena Garrels was the first to test it on clients who have so dry skin( also genetically predispositioned ones) that it forms crusts now and then – esp on the areas not so easy reachable. She has gone the Moisturizer RX Route with them and is smitten and so are the clients. The vaseline look and feel made me personally sceptic at first but quickly turned me into a fan after using it…see experience with Body Bright below!

What works wonders on me must be the beeswax( for me personally)- my body loves beeswax! I think I also realized in the last weeks that it is true that this creme truly reduces moistureloss in the skin by 98% whereas oils only manage 20-30% reduction. I love oils and used them a lot and can only confirm this….
Bodybright! I pondered why Dermafix has brought this very niche product on the market (hands, elbows, underarms, knees) as I personally do not have many clients who do have these problems.
Well I thought :” Maybe it helps me with my Namibian Farmerswife lower arms!” My lower arms truly bothered me( sunpigmentation, spots appearing, severe dehydration- but esp the spots on arms and hands bothered me AND the V on my decollete!

I must say the V I got quite a bit under control( it bettered by at least 50%!) by just doing Alkaline Wash on it for 4 times maybe?! and then I got lazy….
Ok, thus I started with the Bodybright on my V and my lower arms 2 x a day 2.5 weeks ago( when these products arrived!)….and lo and behold!
IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE! You guys are welcome to view my arms. It is very apparent how the sundamage spots in the upper layers go away. My arms look great by now- 2.5 weeks later! and my V also looks so much better.

What I found though: For my decollete ( I am very sensitive to actives) the 2x day was to much. I did it then only in the evening. I realized though that both areas were very dry and starting to get itchy very much so I started applying the Moisturizer RX over it once the product has sunk in after about 4-5 Min( if the tackiness) is gone and that works so well. The only thing: It is not so easy to get out of the bottle once the bottle goes emptier. I refilled mine into a tub and now it is super as it is just me using it. I am a tube fan and a tub fan( although this option is not so hygienic—but for this a tube would work…)

I am chuffed with both products and just wanted to share my experience with you. As you all know- I am not a young beauty bunny anymore but an old hare and I tell you : If it works on old hares so well it works on everybody! Remember I am skintype 2-3/quite tricky with sensitivity….and age is also sensitizing…
There you have my story! Had to share it.

A warm DERMAFIX hug from myself,

Luis Jul 27, 2015

After using Environ products for a number of years, I decided to try DermaFix. After a year of using DermaFix products, I find them to be superior. The products I presently use are: Vitamin C Serum, ActiveCellCeutical Vitamin C, Vitamin A Propionate, Collagen Conformer, Hyaluronic Gel, and VitaPlex-C Cream.


All that I have read and researched, including on the Mayo Clinic and other trusted sites, regarding skin care gives special emphasis to vitamin C, both to preserve a healthy complexion and to restore damaged skin. Each morning, after cleansing and toning my face and neck, I apply Vitamin C Serum and ActiveCellCeutical Vitamin C, in that order. The effects of the former are immediately visible; it brightens and firms. The latter creates a protective layer of Vitamin C that extends the effects of the serum through the days. I allow the ActiveCellCeutical Vitamin C a few minutes to work before I apply sunscreen. I find that a little of each–Serum and Vitamin C–goes a long way.


Each evening, after again cleansing and toning, I apply Vitamin A Propionate to sun damaged areas. After only a few months, dark spots have faded to near disappearance. I follow this with Collagen Conformer, from which I notice the desired firming effect along jaw and neck lines. Next, I apply Hyaluronic Gel to keep natural moisture from escaping my skin during the nights. Finally, I apply VitaPlex-C Cream, which seems to penetrate and make the other products work better. Again, I find that small amounts of each product go a long way.


While other skin types and ages may call for different regimens, for my aging sun-damaged skin, when used as I describe DermaFix products work wonders.

TKG Jun 27, 2016

Since I started using Dermafix almost everything about my skin has improved!!! It is such a wonderful range of products that really do what they claim to do.

My pigmentation has greatly improved and I almost never suffer from breakouts like I used to. I can highly recommend Dermafix!

Sally Montgomery

Sally Montgomery Jul 27, 2015

I have to tell you how impressed I am with Dermafix. I used to have the most awful pigmentation across my forehead and cheeks.

My local beauty salon recommended Dermafix and I have never looked back!

I currently use the Powerderm Moisturiser, Brightening Toner, The EyeLuronic Gel, Dermashield Sunblock and DermaPolish.  When I started with the product, I also used the Dermabright.  I also go for Dermafix facials.

My pigmentation has gone and my skin is brighter and smoother.

I love this product!


Vanessa Rodrigues

Cape Town

Vanessa Rodrigues Jul 27, 2015

I have ordered and received some of your products about two weeks ago. I am so impressed with the improvement of my skin in just two weeks!

The products that I have ordered are more in the basic range, but have worked miracles for my skin.

For the past 5 years I have tried one popular expensive brand after the other and was always disappointment that it didn’t live up to the advertisements. Now, after two weeks of using Dermafix my skin feels velvety soft and moisturized – I will never look back again! I cannot wait to try some of your specialized products.

Kind regards,

Belinda Strydom


Belinda Strydom Jul 27, 2015

In my mid twenties I was prescribed hormonal based medication by my doctor. After a couple of months I developed very deep pigmentation on my forehead.

For fifteen years I struggled with this problem. Went to several specialists over the years, nothing was able to penetrate deep enough to break it up or lighten it in anyway.

I came across a Dermafix representative and she suggested a course of treatments. I was hesitant as I have gone through so much already but decided to try again.

After a while, with their incredible patience and sound advice, the pigmentation started to shift. I am so pleased that I didn’t give up and continued with their wonderful products and regular treatments. I would recommend their products to anyone with any skin condition. I will certainly continue using their product range indefinitely!

I hope that this testimonial expresses what miracles you and your products have performed. If you would like me to make any adjustment I would be more than happy to.

Thank you so much again.

Warmest Regards,
Eva Lima

Eva Lima Jul 27, 2015

I started using your product about 4 to 5 years ago and I and often battled with pigmentation, dryness in winter and severe oiliness in summer.

Had tried several products, facials and given too many conflicting  advises. 

One day I walked into your shop at Deco Park and given samples and bought some of the product. As my skin reacted positives to it I started using more and more of the product. Ever since then I would be lying if I said my skin has not improved, more than anything it has maintained its consistency and radiant look. The product range is so amazing and not at all harsh. I will not look back, the radiance from my skin  has  people asking what I use and they hardly believe that use no make or any form of air brush to enhance the texture on my skin… it is just Dermafix Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser and Sun Protector.


Recently I was asked how I have kept my younger look. In fact the person whom I spoke to  said I look 20 years younger than my normal. I can only attribute that to my perfectly looking skin which not only the product has enhanced but my great genes have agreed with its natural ingredients. I would recommend the product to everyone who wants to look great and keep a balanced looking skin.


Thank you for creating a natural product.


Colette Yende

Colette Yende Nov 9, 2015

As a woman in her 50’s with an active outdoor lifestyle I have had considerable damage done to my skin throughout the years.

Between sun damage from years of horse riding and suffering from acne in my teens through to my late twenties my skin on my face and neck was left scarred and wrinkled with permanent redness on my nose and chin.


I have tried so many treatments over the years with varying levels of success but I was still unhappy with the overall appearance of my skin. This, as a business owner who interacts with clients every day, caused me to lack confidence.

Recently I had the opportunity to have the DERMAFIX chemical peel done on my face and décolleté. I was blown away by the results. I had no idea that the DERMAFIX products could achieve such amazing results so quickly.

My skin complexion is no longer ruddy and uneven, but smooth and glowing, my pores size has been reduced my frown lines have all but disappeared. The skin peel and the after care products made the healing process on my skin easy to manage.   My décolleté no longer looks dry and wrinkled and I can now wear T-shirts and blouses with confidence.

I now use DERMAFIX products everyday as part of my daily routine and will never go without the DERMAFIX sun block. The unique aroma of DERMAFIX regenerate RX is a wonderful fresh start to my day. DERMAFIX therapists are well trained and extremely knowledgeable, under their recommendation I have found a home care routine that fits seamlessly with my lifestyle.

I highly recommend DERMAFIX for every one young and not so young to use daily. It has given me the confidence to be who I really am.

Karen Moran

Karen Moran Jul 27, 2015

Having been around most of the European Cosmetic houses, I now only use DermaFix Advanced Cosmeceutical Skin Care.

A few of my favourite’s products in the range are;

  • Copper Peptide for collagen repair, anti-inflammatory and healing.
  • Ceramide Complex with DMAE for firming and tightening
  • Vitamin C Serum, for anti-oxidant protection against environmental damage
  • DermaPolish, enzymatic exfoliation leaving my skin glowing and baby soft. I use this daily.
  • I have also combined DermaFix products as part of my MT Microneedling treatments for the removal of fine lines and wrinkles and the results are beautifully visible!

Gina Voster

Gina Voster Jul 27, 2015

I have always had a very problematic skin, having suffered from eczema during my teen years and from adult acne in my thirties.

At times my skin was severely dehydrated and at the same time, I suffered from breakouts.

My skin was also very sensitive as well. It was a very traumatic time for me, trying to find a skincare range which would cater to and solve all of the problems I was experiencing. I have honestly used almost all of the skin care ranges, but to no effect.

Anyway, I was using another locally made skin-care product (Environ), but found that their sunblock was very oily. I was introduced to the Dermafix Oilfree Sunblock at the Spa I frequented. I found it worked fantastically! Many people asked if I was wearing foundation. I was however, still using the Environ products, such as the cleanser, toner and moisturizer, as well as the eye gel, but found that my skin was looking very dull and was still extremely dehydrated.

I decided to switch over to the Dermafix brand as I was having such success with the Sunblock. I am now currently using the Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Hyularonic Gel, Vitaplex C Moisturiser, as well as the Corrective Eye Complex and of course, the Oilfree Sunblock. My skin is much brighter and clearer, well moisturized and the little bits of pigmentation I used to have, is gone. I must also mention that Dermafix has not even caused any flare-ups in my very sensitive skin.

I can highly recommend the Dermafix Range!! I have always had a problematic skin but now all my problems have settled down nicely, and I receive many compliments about my skin (I am now in my early forties).

So thank you Dermafix for helping my beautiful skin to emerge and be seen!!

Sharman May

Sharman May Jul 27, 2015