Different skin types require different treatments and products

Taking care of your skin properly seems to be a lifelong commitment and one that deserves special and changing attention as we get older. You could have just about any type of skin and you will find a wide range of skin tips and advice out there to turn to. Of course you should always seek out the advice and guidance of a professional dermatologist and always ensure that you are making use of trusted and reliable skin care products such as DermaFix.

DermaFix offers a range of skin care products, skin tips and advice for those with different skin types, such as oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and normal skin. You could stand to benefit from the following specific advice and tips on different skin types.


Skin Tips For Different Skin Types

  • Oily Skin – this type of skin is known to have overactive sebaceous glands which cause it to produce and excess of sebum. Those who have an oily skin type often struggle to control pimples and are prone to break outs. One of the biggest tips to caring for this skin type is not fall into the trap of using cleansers that strip it. It is advised that the skin is gently exfoliated and light moisturisers and regulation lotions are used.
  • Dry Skin – a person with dry skin will often experience flaking and itchiness. Dry skin is often prone to wrinkles and aging faster than other skin types. Corrective lotions and broad spectrum sunscreens are often suggested for use on this skin type. Keeping it moisturised is definitely a great tip to listen to.
  • Combination Skin – this is a skin type that is both dry and oily. Areas such as the forehead and nose are often oily while the cheeks and other areas tend to be drier. It is important to take special care of this type of skin. Each area of the face will need to be provided with its specific and required treatment.
  • Normal Skin – this skin type is coveted by all and is well balanced. It is neither dry nor greasy and considerably easier to cleanse and treat than other skin types. A good cleanser and moisturiser will be required.

While this advice is certainly something to go on, it is suggested that one finds a range of skin care products that is well suited to both their needs and budget.

Take the time to contact DermaFix and chat to them about their wide range of skin care products. You will find their skin tips and care guidelines to also be well worth your time.