Aligning your skin care products to your skin type


Because skin varies from person to person, so should the skin care and skin care routines. The aspects of so-called average, healthy skin may vary greatly in different individuals. During infancy and early youth, skin is characterised by a smooth, uniform and transparent appearance, thus maintaining correct elasticity and adequate water content. In adulthood, however, skin reveals the physiological disposition and character of the individual. Where the old classifications of skin used to be divided into just dry skin and oily skin, we now know that a person’s skin in adulthood can be a combination of various different characteristics. Such characteristics can include dry, oily, wrinkled, thick and flabby.


The old classification is incomplete and incorrect since a skin abounding with fatty substances may become dehydrated and therefore dry, due to the presence of fats. An excessive proportion of fats are, in fact, incompatible with the correct water content. For example a combination of cholesterol and hydrophilic fats will allow emulsion with the adequate water rate, thus resulting in the correct hydration of the skin tissues. On the other hand, the presence of hydrophobic lipids will result in the insufficient hydration of the cutaneous surface, due to the decrease in the water rate.


Between the cells, a dramatic process occurs which permits both hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials to pass through the skin and at the same time also keeps out undesirable environmental elements.


Advice to correct the following skin care concerns combined with a DermaFix skin cleansing routine appropriate for your skin type can solve this problem. Vital protection from the sun with DermaShield SPF 50 High Protection Sun Screen, formulated and approved to the South African National Standard Sans 1557:2013, is also important.


Skin care products for different skin types


Oily Skin Type: People that have shiny skin due to excessive amounts of sebaceous secretion, open pores and a complexion that is usually sallow, should make use of our DermaFix Mattifying Pore Minimizer, to reduce oiliness, and our Vitamin B Cream, to balance out the skin.


Combination Skin Type: People that have a combination skin need a balancing act that can moisturise the cheek areas as well as treat the so called T Zone. For this skin care concern, we recommend DermaFix ACC Vitamin C Gel to correct the problem.


Dry Skin Types: For oil dry skin lacking fatty substances and slightly slackening in texture, the aspect of the dry skin varies greatly in accordance with the psychological characteristics of the subject. DermaFix BioEffective Cream is ideal for this condition.


Dehydrated Skin Type: This type of skin is excessively thirsty and also needing oil. This type of skin is usually affected by extreme temperatures and is subject to disorders resulting in great discomfort. To correct this problem, we suggest the use of our DermaFix ACC Hyaluronic Gel together with our Bio Hydrating Cream.


Correct water metabolism results from adequate absorption of water in dry and oily structures. A classification based solely on water metabolism is however inadequate since it excludes highly important metabolic activities such as the carbohydrates cycle and the keratinisation process.


Keratin is the protein known as amino acids, which makes up the bulk of the skin. These keratin proteins are formed and arranged into cells known as corneocytes that are held together with fats known as lipids or more commonly the “glue”.


The aforementioned four skin types may therefore be regarded as a basic classification since they lead to a much wider range of groups of different types of skin. Further developments of this theory is, therefore, based on the following major factors:

  • Water absorption
  • The lipids and hydrophilic liquids ratio
  • The balance of mineral salts and carbohydrates


Skin care is vital for the protection of the barrier of the skin. The correct choice of skin care products shows on the skin in a matter of 28 days; the time it takes the skin to replicate itself from the basal layer to the surface of the skin.


DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care plays a vital role in the protection and correct performance of the skin.