Microneedling – MT Microneedling Roller

MT Microneedling is an advanced delivery system improving the absorption of active ingredients used in the correction of ‘Confetti’ Scattered Hyperpigmentation, Lines and Wrinkles, Extrinsic Ageing, Acne Scarring and Sun Damage.

Advanced delivery system for:

  • ‘Confetti’ Scattered Hyperpigmentation
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Extrinsic Ageing
  • Acne Scarring
  • Solar Damage
  • Dermal Staining

The pioneering work of researcher Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D., paved the way for the idea that ageing is no mysterious event that occurs at random. Rather, it is a pre-programmed process that begins at cellular level, through his work it became clear that finding way to reduce or eliminate cell damage could significantly affect the ageing process.

Free radicals are entirely natural, they are a by-product of normal bodily processes, like breathing air or digesting food. They are also extremely treacherous as the free radicals seek to stabilize themselves, and as a result they damage healthy cells. Free Radicals are unleashed by external factors including sunlight, cigarette smoke and air pollution.

Collagen being a protein is one of the substances that gives our skin a youthful suppleness and tautness and is especially susceptible to free radical damage aiding in the ageing process.

MT Microneedling Therapy is an effective, versatile, cost effective delivery system which is utilized to stimulate new collagen induction and serves as a transdermal delivery device to increase the penetration of active ingredients.

The process facilitates and stimulates the skins natural healing process without causing permanent epidermal damage and has been shown to stimulate collagen naturally and aid in the infusion of actives. An obvious advantage with this procedure is the fact that the epidermis- the protective layer of the skin is preserved. This is a non-ablative treatment and produces little to no down time.

Skin needling is now well established as a treatment option for depressed scarring and stretch marks. It is a far more cost-effective option than fractional laser therapy and delivers similar results with repeated treatments.

While it takes 4-6 weeks for new collagen synthesis and about 4-6 months for the full effect of the treatments to be obtained. The common response by clients after the initial treatment is that their skin has a glow. It appears plump and women often wear less make-up as texture and colouring improves dramatically.

Monthly treatments are recommended as the skin has a memory and will seek to return to its previous state. Continued home needing will ensure the longevity of scar improvement.

Spicules Bio-Needle Technology

DermaFix Spicules

Spongilla Spicules are (microscopic) bionano needles used to create microscopic punctures in the skin. This aids in the absorption of active ingredients into the skin for up to 72 hours following treatment application.

Sponges are multicellular organisms that have lived in the ocean and clean freshwater environments for more than 200 million years. Spicules are derived from sea sponges and are natural, biodegradable, exfoliating agents, sustainably sourced.

The application of Spongilla Spicules results in upregulation of collagen and elastin, improvement of skin texture and tone, as well as enhanced absorption of topical ingredients applied.

This is an in-clinic only treatment. For your nearest accredited stockist, please contact DermaFix head office.

*In-Clinic Treatment