Skin Care Kits

Skin care kits are ‘mini’ products found within an already existing product range. They serve as a convenience for a travelling client or for an individual wanting to try before they buy. This ensures that the individual is happy with the products purchased and when wanting to re-purchase, the larger sizes are available.

Convenient Travel Size Products

A kit should provide you with a thorough skin care routine including a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and sun protection. These are the essential products that are used in a basic skin care program providing you with the foundation on which to build a more thorough skin care regime.

Common questions about our skin care kits

What to look for in a skin care kit
It is important when purchasing a kit that you are able to buy the same or similar product in a larger size going forward. This ensures that if you are happy with the results seen from the travel sized items that you can get further results at a cost effective price in the future.
What are the benefits of using a skin care kit?

A thorough skin care routine offered by purchasing a skincare kit allows for the individual to see the visible results within a short period of time with the use of the ‘mini’ products.

Why use a DermaFix skin care kit
The DermaFix Range offers you the choice of two skin care kits. The PowerKit, consisting of generic products suited to most skin care concerns with a slight focus on anti-ageing. The Brightening Kit, on the other hand incorporates some of the latest targeted skin lightening technologies. The formulations within the Brightening Kit not only work to brighten the overall complexion of the skin, but also lighten the appearance of age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun damage, melasma, acne marks, old scars and skin discolorations. The improvement of uneven skin tone is visibly seen and therefore a more radiant complexion is noted.

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