A Serum that is light-weight, fast absorbing formulations that are high in active ingredients to provide corrective results on the skin. Serums are usually used alongside the use of a moisturiser and topically applied previous to other facial products that you may use within your daily routine.

Serums are high in active ingredients for corrective results on the skin

Serums are the more active products within your facial routine as they have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and are occluded by the application of a moisturiser. Due to majority of serum products having a higher amount of active ingredients within the product, they do tend to be the most expensive addition to your skin care routine however, the benefits of a serum are endless making the costs worth your while.

Common questions about using a Serum

What to look for in a serum

The structure of the skin consists of an oil barrier and a water barrier. In order for the active ingredients within serums to penetrate through both of these barriers, they need to be encapsulated by both oil and water, this term is called liposome encapsulation. This is what you should consider when purchasing your serum of choice as it should be providing you with intensive corrective benefits by being able to improve your skincare concern from the inside out.

What are the benefits of using a Serum?

Serums are applied to the skin before the use of a moisturiser as they are formulated to have better penetration into the deeper layers of the skin by making use of liposome encapsulation. A Serum is recommended according to skincare concern whether it be hyperpigmentation, environmental stress or barrier reparative benefits.

Why use a DermaFix serum?

The DermaFix Serums are Liposome encapsulated allowing for the active ingredients within your serum of choice to get better penetration and therefore offering you more effective results in a shorter period of time.

Within the DermaFix Range, we make use of the active ingredient, Vitamin C. On a molecular level, Vitamin C is capable of creating heightened electron exchanges, and in so doing, raises the level of vitality in the cells and tissues. A common form of Vitamin C is Ascorbic acid, a powerful antioxidant raising electrical potentials within the cells, thereby increasing cellular exchange and stimulating cell metabolism. Vitamin C is an important factor in the healing process, as it stimulates the skin’s fibroblast cells, in order to produce new collagen.

All DermaFix Serums should be topically applied before using other facial products, in the prevention of premature ageing of the skin.

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