Brains Behind Beauty: The Science of Advanced DermaFIX Cosmeceutical Skin Care


Skin care today is a serious business, hence the need for advanced skin care professionals.

A new era of online consumer intelligence and insight has arrived. While makeup has become more trend-driven, skin care has veered more into the expert-led. Customers have become “skintellectuals” and are savvier and more selective than ever as they adopt an investigative approach to their skin care routines and are better educated about the best and most buzzworthy ingredients.


No longer content with generalisations and long past vague promises in a jar, shoppers are looking for solutions to specific skin care issues – acne, anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, scarring and stretch-marks – which require the knowledge, research and science of experts. Uncomplicated, potent products that really work.  Brands that have integrity and brands that they can trust.


DermaFIX Cosmeceutical Advanced Skin Care is an innovative skin care brand that has established a loyal following through delivering advanced skin care solutions. Today, DermaFIX celebrates 12 years of sustainable credentials serving a dynamic clientele of men and women demanding worry-free, highly efficacious skin care products. And today, in line with this commitment, the proudly South African company is launching its new-look brand that underscores its mission to minimise environmental impacts and that better represents its visual identity as a transformative skin care pioneer.


DermaFIX has a rigorous approach to its formulations and products which are critically evaluated prior to launch. ISO 22000 Registered Laboratories and imported, proven ingredients are key to their success.  An example? The two new products DermaFIX is launching in celebration of its rebranding and new look on its 12th anniversary. Both lines went through thorough testing to finalise texture, efficacy and results before becoming what they are: the exciting and advanced LipFIX and Hand ResQ products.


LipFIX is formulated with an active blend of Lip Perfecting and Plumping Technology that adds natural definition, enhances shape and colour and gradually plumps lips for a fuller and firmer appearance. This innovative product delivers a sun-kissed and buttery pout that will delight those seeking perfect and protected lips.

Hand ResQ is the DermaFIX answer to restore and improve dry and ageing skin on the hands, a treatment that transforms at first touch and empowers healing on the hands with moisturising, renewing and soothing qualities. Visible improvement of lines and wrinkles goes hand in hand with strengthening and improving moisture binding on the nail plate.

DermaFIX is happy to announce these new additions and anticipates that these two products will become the latest DermaFIX offerings to acquire a dedicated following and the status of celebrated advanced skin care solutions.


“While we look forward to the future, we look back too and thank our clients and business partners that have supported our brand’s growth over the years. Here’s to the next 12 years of happy and successful business relationships,” say the founders in a toast to the company’s exciting launch. And here’s to DermaFIX Cosmeceutical Skin Care’s commitment to making skin care more science-centric and smarter than ever before.