Redness within the skin is a sure sign of inflammation, and may be caused for a number of reasons including auto-immune responses, a weakened skin barrier, sunburn, injury or infection, and is often associated with a severely dehydrated skin.


When left untreated for a prolonged amount of time, skin redness and inflammation can lead to cellular damage with resultant skin ageing and possible hyperpigmentation.


Chronic inflammation can also be an indication of an auto-immune disease called Rosacea. Appearing mostly in women and starting in middle age, Rosacea is a condition characterized by visible dilated capillaries on the skin’s surface, facial flushing and blushing, and the feeling of heat. The skin is easily aggravated, leading to persistent redness on the nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin areas. Redness is often associated with Rosacea, and may appear alongside the formation of small acne-like bumps however, this concern should not be confused with acne and treatment approach is very different.    


Diet and lifestyle is often linked to inflammation and potential triggers include consumption of alcohol, spicy food, heat and temperature extremes, as well as using harsh soaps and sensitising ingredients such as artificial fragrances within your skin care routine. Avoid these triggers will go along way to improving inflammation and redness within the skin.  Supplementation with Omega 3’s and Vitamin D help to lower inflammation while Vitamin C plays an important role in strengthening collagen and elastin production for improved skin health. Topically, rebuilding a healthy skin barrier through improving hydration is a good start to reducing redness and inflammation within the skin.


DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care makes use of calming formulations suitable for use on sensitive skin types, free of skin aggravators like artificial colourants and fragrances to reduce skin redness:


DermaFix Hydra-Silk Cleanser is a lightweight emollient cream-cleanser assisting to calm inflammation and soothe skin redness.

Incorporating a potent blend of DermaFix Hydra-Silk Cleanser promotes skin health and hydration whilst helping to restore the skin’s barrier.  


DermaFix ACC Copper with GHK-Cu peptide offers regenerative and protective benefits whilst reducing inflammation for improved skin health.  Incorporate DermaFix ACC Copper into your daily routine as a serum to help aid in boosted results.


DermaFix HydraSooth SOS for skin rescue and repair relief. This versatile product can be used as a serum, masque or moisturiser, or as needed for its healing benefits. Ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid, all well documented for their skin soothing properties.


DermaFix Argan Oil 100% Organic, EcoCert certified for its organic status, is a natural source of essential fatty acids, beneficial for a healthy skin barrier.  DermaFix Argan Oil may be incorporated as needed into your daily routine, boosting skin nourishment while working to soothe skin redness and providing skin healing benefits.


When applying sun protection, opt for a product offering physical sun protection ingredients as these formulations are less irritating on a sensitive skin.  DermaFix DermaShield SPF40 is an oil-free, non-greasy formulation making use of Zinc Oxide for its high UVA/UVB protection, reducing the need for additional chemicals that may induce skin irritation and sensitivity.