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Intensive Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Complex, PowerDerm, protects and stimulates the mitochondria enhancing the ATP (energy) levels of the skin cells. When the PowerDerm anti-ageing corrective is applied then collagen synthesis is stimulated, combating chronological ageing. Plant Stem Cells are used  in the PowerDerm product to Protect Skin Stem Cells.

Key Ingredients: PhytocellTec®, Syn-Coll®, Pepha®-Ctive, Niacinamide PC, All-Q Plus®

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Apply PowerDerm over cleansed skin morning and evening, rub vigorously – concentrating on areas of visible ageing to restore resilience and strength on face, neck, décolleté.

Key Ingredients

PhytocellTec®: Plant Malus Domestica Stem Cells to Protect Skin Stem Cells.

Syn-Coll®: A Tissue Growth Factor (TGF-β) booster. TGF-β is the key element in the synthesis of collagen. Protects against further collagen degradation, providing superior anti-wrinkle benefits.

Pepha®-Ctive: increases cell turnover.

Niacinamide PC: Improves skin moisturisation, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and skin barrier strengthening properties. Brightens the skin whilst also reducing age spots for a radiant skin tone.

All-Q Plus®: Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E are the most important lipophilic skin antioxidants.


The DermaFix PowerDerm anti-ageing corrective contains a growth factor simulator that protects skin stem cells and increases cell turnover. When PowerDerm is used according to application instructions, it brightens the skin whilst reducing age spots and offers anti-oxidant protection.



13 reviews for PowerDerm

  1. Daniella Da Silva

    My favourite product of all time, I love the way it smells, the colour and the way it makes my skin feel. A must have for every person.I love how long it lasts, I only need one squirt each day and night.

  2. Faye

    Nice product

  3. lizzy78

    best moisturiser ever! visible results, fresh smell, amazing product! will never use anything else again!!!

  4. ElizdaH

    This product is absolutely amazing. I love how this product smells, how soft and bright my skin feels and how long it lasts.

    I have seen a great difference in wrinkle depth and apperance – my main reason for using this product. I couldn’t be happier.

  5. Michelle

    I use this serum in the morning in conjunction with ACC vitamin C serum, this is one of my favorite products from dermafix, I mean I would recommend all the products that I have purchased from dermafix to everyone, because you simply just see amazing result when using these products.

  6. Jet

    Prevention is better than trying to reverse time. So start early! Unfortunately anti-aging products are to rich form my sensitive skin at times but I’ve found the perfect solution in this journey. I absolutely love the perfect balance of moisture and anti-aging properties in this product and can enjoy it without fearing the occational breakout. My fine lines around my cheecks have also been much lighter. I use this 2 – 3 times a week in conjuction with the Hyllaronic Acid.

  7. Debs

    Love this product. Has made such a difference in my skin texture, moisture and reduced pigmentation. I could see a visible difference after just one week.

  8. aolivier

    Will highly recommend. Love the smell and keeps my skin moisturized.

  9. jeanninebotha (verified owner)

    I love all DermaFix products but this is my favorite! If been using it everyday for two months now and I definitely can see a difference. I love how it makes my skin feel. Can’t even remember how my skin was before. Strongly recommend PowerDerm.

  10. meganriley66

    I’ve only been using this moisturiser for a month and already it’s made a huge difference in my fine lines particularly on my neck! Really love it and would definitely recommend it!

  11. karlaheynemann01@icloud.com

    I love this product! I saw a difference after only a month of using it! It is my best purchase by far, and I would highly recommend this product!

  12. Fransina

    Powerderm it help me to get rid of pigmentation and it also calm my skin

  13. Jenny Park (verified owner)

    A little disappointed after reading all the rave reviews. Doesn’t feel moisturising at all on my skin, actually the opposite – feels quit tight/taut, a little like a face mask. My skin is fairly oily in places, but this cream almost gives it a ‘matt’ look. I always have to use another moisturiser on top. Haven’t been using it long enough to notice any difference in fines/wrinkles, but, if anything, the lines around my eyes look worse after I’ve used it, because the cream pulls on the surrounding skin a bit. I also bought the Ceramide Complex and the Eye Corrector and they all seem to have the same moisture-sapping effect on me. Not sure I’ll be buying any products again, unfortunately.

    • DermaFix

      Hi Jenny, we have reached out to you on numerous occasions to try to resolve your query, provide free skin care advice and make accurate product recommendations based on your unique skin profile. If you are interested in having your concerns addressed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will advise the nearest stockist to assess your skin.

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