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Hyperpigmentation Inhibitor

The DermaFix MelanoDerm corrective contains a unique skin lightening complex. The micro-active ingredients contained in MelanoDerm are clinically proven to inhibit Tyrosinase activity that are responsible for dark marks.

Additional information

Correctives Application

DermaFix MelanoDerm should be applied twice daily application on clean skin. Follow with an application of DermaShield SPF50 – Zinc Oxide High Protection Sunscreen. After daytime application of MelanoDerm, it is mandatory to shield the skin against harmful UVA, UVB sun rays.

Key Ingredients

Paper Mulberry
Sepiwhite MSH


Hydroquinone FREE
Improves skin care concerns related to Chloasma/Melasma



13 reviews for MelanoDerm

  1. Saskia Kunneke

    MelanoDerm became part of my daily routine in trying to combat my pigmentation, used in conjunction with my DermaPolish, Brightening Cleanser and evening care Skinlite i fast tracked this process hands down.

  2. Liezl Bouwer

    I love this product. Makes my skin feel moisturized while combating my hyper-pigmentation.

  3. Tara McGovern

    after trying lamelle, dermologica and a few other brands that did nothing i was amazed and happy to see that melanoderm reduced my melasma after 2 months to the point I know dont always need to wear foundation incredible and a for a great price point x

  4. Sylvia

    Amazing product!!! I’ve seen a significant difference in 3 days. I have combination skin and my skin has been very unsettled and almost inflamed with pigmentation taking hold and spots leaving their mark. At night I use the Gentle Cleansing Gel, Derma Polish, Vitamin C Serum, and Melanoderm. In the morning, I cleanse only with the gel cleanser, then apply Vitamin C Serum, Melanoderm, Dermashield SPF 40 mixed with my foundation which has SPF 15. I’m so excited to see such quick results in my skin. Thank you DermaFix!!!

  5. MariskaGN

    As I started with the Dermafix peels in January, I also started using MelanoDerm in the mornings before I apply my Vitaplax-C and Dermashield. Awesome product and leave my skin feeling great.

  6. Deone

    excellent product! my pigmentation was reduced in only 3 month! It also leaves your skin moisturized

  7. Zaahira

    Great Product. Makes my skin feel great and is definitely reducing my pigementation

  8. Nabeela

    My beauty therapist suggested this product after noticing that my skin was beginning to develop slight pigmentation and discoloration on my cheek area. It has been a mere three weeks and my skin is back to normal. I am now left with bright, clear and pigmentation free skin!!

  9. Vickip (verified owner)

    I recently started using Dermafix, after using Nimue for a few years…. and I have to admit that I was completely surprised by the results. Dermafix not only delivers what they promise, but the product is affordable. This moisturiser is truly magic in a bottle. After only using this for 6 weeks, I could see noticeable difference. I’ve even stopped wearing foundation, because my skin looks so much clear, pigmentation faded a lot. Even my friends commented on my skin. I heard that Dermafix is launching a new product in their pigmentation range and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m sure it will deliver just as well as all the other products. I’m now very careful of the sun, because of my pigmentation and have religiously started using the SPF 50 sunblock as well, which is another great product. I think everyone should be using Dermafix. It’s good quality at affordable prices.

  10. Mohonoett (verified owner)

    This product has become one of the vital product my acne prone skin need. It has done miracles to my darks marks caused by acne and I just cannot live without it.

  11. Thasania Nayager (verified owner)

    Great product. So hydrating and helpful with pigmentation.

  12. Jerusha Reddy (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Very hydrating especially in dry weather conditions. Lightens and softens skin gradually! Highly recommended

  13. Rachel Pitcher (verified owner)

    Excellent product – I’m using it as a night cream, after using Derma polish to gently exfoliate: this helps the product to penetrate better and definitely gives higher efficacy and more visible results. Great in terms of moisturising too, as I have skin prone to dryness (as well as pigmentation). My skin looks clearer and brighter – DermaFix products deliver what they say they do!

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