Hydrogel Collagen Masque

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HydroGel Collagen Masque is a once-off use masque that reinforces collagen and elastin within the skin, whilst helping to plump fine lines and wrinkles by offering superior hydration benefits. It refines the skin’s texture and assists to reduce inflammation, as a result calming skin irritation.

Additional information


Apply the HydroGel Collagen Gel Masque evenly to the skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes before removing. This masque can be placed in the fridge for an anti-inflammatory benefit. Follow with the application of the appropriate DermaFix Moisturiser and DermaShield SPF40/50 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB HEV Light Protection Sunscreen.

Key Ingredients

Collagen: offers water binding capabilities plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, improving the texture and appearance of the skin.
Damask Rose Flower: helps to calm and soothe reactive skin whilst offering brightening and toning benefits for a more refined skin texture.


Offers Support to the Structures of the skin.
Soothes, calms and nourishes the skin.


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