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Daily gentle enzyme micro-exfoliation

DermaPolish is a unique blend of organic enzyme rich powders, micro-exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter. DermaPolish is packed in dry form to maintain its effectiveness and freshness. Water activates the enzymes together with hydroxy acids, smoothing, softening and brightening the skin. Lightly exfoliates dead cells and accelerates cell renewal.

Key Ingredients: Tourmaline Crystals, Menthyl PCA, Papain, Colloidal Oatmeal

Additional information

Cleanser Application

Decant one teaspoon of DermaPolish into the palm of the hand and activate by adding an equal amount of water. Lightly massage onto the skin’s surface, then rinse with tepid water.

Mix DermaPolish with water to form a paste, apply to the skins surface and leave on as a brightening masque for 10—15 minutes. When opening a new container, tear the plastic seal along the perforated line only. The lower section to remain attached. Please note the DermaPolish must be kept dry.

Key Ingredients

Tourmaline Crystals: Provides the skin with negative ions which destroy bacteria. Also contains far infra-red rays which stimulate growth.

Menthyl PCA: Cooling and moisturising. Papain: Hydrolyzes proteins (digests proteins).

Colloidal Oatmeal: Normalises the skin’s pH, calming the inflammatory response.


The DermaFix DermaPolish product contains licorice and papain extract that lightens and brightens the skin. Over and above the lightening of the skin, DermaPolish as contains Colloidal Oatmeal that, when applied to the skin, balances the pH of the skin and accelerates barrier repair on the skin.


100g, 50g

26 reviews for DermaPolish

  1. Saskia Kunneke

    This is my piece de resistance 😉 i am an exfoliating junkie, best feeling in the world, DermaPolish = incomparable

  2. audreyp

    Can I not give this product 10 stars please?!!! This is the ULTIMATE exfoliator! It’s gentle enough to use every day too. My skin feels as soft as a newborn’s skin. LOVE IT! Of all the Dermafix products, this is the one I rave about the most (have converted a few friends too who also cannot believe the results!).

  3. Melly

    this product is amazing! I have been battling and battling to find a product that actually helps my skin without the constants ‘it will make you break out at first and then it will clear it’ – it was a once off wonder! I have very sensitive skin and it was amazing! Great buy!- and literally I have tried all the top name brands and all have just irritated my skin to no end! Love this product.

  4. Daniella Da Silva

    My absolute all time favourite exfoliator! It is gentle enough to use every day. i mix a bit with my cleaner and leave it on for 10 minutes. An absolute diamond of a product, my skin has never felt this soft. I love how you can use the product in many different ways.

  5. Suzette

    LOVE this product. It is gentle enough to use often, as I struggle with grown-in hair. 🙂

  6. Carina

    This is the best exfoliant I’ve ever used! Smooth skin. No blackheads anymore!!

  7. Bekka13

    I absolutely love DermaPolish! It is the best facial scrub on the market and very gentle. I have very sensitive skin and this works wonders!

  8. Sanet Veldtman Odendaal

    Completely addictive! The reason I receive so many compliments on my skin!

  9. Samantha Findlay Bond

    This product is my all time favourite. I was introduced to it when I started as a Paramedical Skin Therapist years ago. A must have product for everybody.

  10. lizzy78

    very fond of this exfoliator and after using so many other brands over the years, you only really see a difference when you use something of this quality!


    Such a great product, I can’t go without it, it really does lighten and brighten your skin.

  12. Michelle

    I use this product twice a week as an exfoliating mask, I must say this is the best exfoliating mask on the market, it’s gentle on the skin and it definitely does what it says on the label. A must recommendation for everyone.

  13. lydiaoctober

    The best product on the market! I have always had problems with breakouts and oily skin and the exfoliator has eliminated these issues during the past 3 months of use. I have sensitive skin and have not had any reactions to the product. The DermaFix Exfoliator has definitely become part of my daily life :).

  14. Zaahira

    Excellent product. My skin is very sensitive and this exfoliator is not harsh on my skin. I feel a difference in my skin after every use

  15. michaelakayesmith

    This is the only exfoliator that works for me. It does the job without leaving my skin irritated and red. Im left with clear, smooth and a glowing complexion. I use it twice a week with some warm water to form a paste and massage into my skin. It does not break me out so I’m very pleased. Thank You Dermafix

  16. Tania

    WOW this is the best exfoliator that I have used. I have never come across any product that provides same results.

  17. Kashiefa Parker

    I tried this enzyme exfoliator from a friend and wow – I am blown away. It’s so gentle and effective that I cannot wait to buy my own on pay day. Your products are all so affordable too 🙂 xxx

  18. DPiscopo1

    This product is absolutely amazing. The best exfoliater on the market. This product is perfectly paired with active cleanser, vitamin B cream, Hydrasooth sos. Also love how such a little goes such a long way, worth ever y cent.

  19. Tayler (verified owner)

    The best exfoliator around. I have been using it for years, and love it. My sons even use it from time to time when their faces are dry/peeling. A little goes a long way!

  20. Janine Swartz (verified owner)

    Love this exfoliator and it last so long. It makes your skin super soft. Amazing product!

  21. Chimonet Engelbrecht (verified owner)

    Really gentle and doesn’t feel to harsh on the skin. Enjoyed it so much! Happy it can double as a mask aswell! 2 in 1 BONUS

  22. Michelle S

    This is the most effective exfoliant I’ve ever used. Love using it as a mask too. My skin is so clear and smooth in the morning after using this at night. Great that it helps better absorbancy on other products in the range. It’s a real gem.

  23. Shanna Knezovich

    Absolutely love the dermopolish. My skin texture has improved so much in such a short time!

  24. Celine (verified owner)

    This is the best exfoliater I have ever tried. I feel an amazing difference on my face when I apply my treatment products afterwards! I have had terrible acne scars and this +the the ferulic acid on my face is repairing and healing it amazingly

  25. Claudz122

    The best exfoliator! So gentle.

  26. Indio Friedmann (verified owner)

    This is the BEST product I have ever bought for my skin. I struggle a lot with acne due to oily skin and hormones (contraception) and this has actually changed my life – not only has it helped reduce that, my skin is softer, the scars of previous pimples faded and just have a generally brighter complexion. The price is so worth the outcome!!

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