Corrective Eye Complex

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Stem Cell Technology

DermaFix Corrective Eye Complex combines Apple Stem Cell Technology with powerful Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Our unique Corrective Eye Complex prevents free-radical attacks, which leads to a chemical change called cross-linking. The combination of Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid and Rice Peptides, found in our Corrective Eye Complex, increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in a reduction of lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients: Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Rice / Soy Peptides

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Corrective Application

Start usage every alternate day for two weeks, progressing to daily application thereafter. Apply the DermaFix Corrective Eye Complex under the eye area and extend outwards towards the temples. Ensure thorough application for optimal results. This product may be used on the upper lip.

Key Ingredients

Apple Stem Cells: Malus Domestica. Scientists have found that a novel extract derived from the stem cells of a rare apple tree cultivated for its extraordinary longevity shows tremendous ability to rejuvenate ageing skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Proper hydration promotes cell communication and prevents TEWL (Trans-epidermal water loss). In connective tissue, Hyaluronic fills the space between the collagen and elastin fibres. Hyaluronic forms a thin, light permeable viscos-elastic film on the surface of the skin. Natural Wrinkle Filler.

Rice / Soy Peptides: Rice peptides are among the best formulations in maintaining skin elasticity. Rice peptides prevent the free radical attack which leads to a chemical change called cross-linking.


The DermaFix Corrective Eye Complex works by stimulating the epidermal regeneration with Stem Cell Technology. It is a quick fill corrective that can be used as a quick fill for lines on the top lip. The Corrective Eye Complex increases lymphatic circulation, reducing puffiness and has a beneficial effect on capillary circulation.



3 reviews for Corrective Eye Complex

  1. audreyp

    I have just started using this eye cream and I must admit I am loving it!! I find it definitely does reduce puffiness and makes eye area feel really pampered! Not a bad price too!!

  2. lizzy78

    enjoying this product…been using this for a for a few months and really like how it just draws in…

  3. Jenny Park (verified owner)

    Nice smell, goes on nicely but unfortunately didn’t notice any improvement in the skin around my eyes after several weeks of use. Feels like it just sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t penetrate. After a few minutes it forms a sort of film that ‘pills’ and comes off in small clumps if you touch it. Won’t be buying it again.

    • DermaFix

      Hi Jenny, thank you for alerting us to your concern regarding Corrective Eye Complex. Could we refer you to your nearest stockist for a complimentary professional skin treatment? We would like to determine the cause of this experience in order to improve your experience with us.

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