Cellulite Tone and Tighten

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Cellulite Tone and Tighten – Unisex Body Sculpting Gel

Cellulite Tone and Tighten THERMO ACTIVE formula warms up the skin, ensuring immediate penetration of active ingredients accelerating reduction of fatty tissue through an increase in the body’s metabolism to provide improved blood circulation, thus helping to eliminate waste from cells.

Additional information

Corrective Application

After showering or bathing apply to dry target areas where cellulite fat is visible. Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and rub in an upward direction. Do not over use as only a small amount is necessary to work correctly. Can be applied to problem areas including Arms, Waist, Lower Abdomen, Buttocks and Thighs. Heat or itchy sensation starts approximately 15 Minutes after application. Heat tolerance will vary from person to person. If the burning sensation becomes uncomfortable, you may try rinsing it off with water or apply ACC Copper to cool the skin. Sensations will gradually decrease with each use. 
Caution:  N.B. Use gloves to apply or wash hands thoroughly. Avoid touching the face and eye area. Not for use if pregnant or breast feeding. Not for use by epileptics. Consult your Medical Professional for advice.

Key Ingredients

Yerba Mate
Green Coffee Bean Extract


The DermaFix Cellulite Tone and Tighten corrective speeds up depletion of fats, increases body metabolism and improves blood circulation helping to eliminate waste from cells.



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  1. Betty

    Cellulite Tone and Tighten works like magic! You can actually see results within 5 days of applying it. This is an amazing investment when you are quickly looking for that flawless beach body in summer days. The best product ever!

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