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Minimises uneven skin tone due to free radical damage

The DermaFix Brightening Cleanser is composed of actives, which inhibit melanin production reducing the appearance of pigmentation, age spots and helps inhibit the formation of new pigment while lightening the skin without being an irritant. Our Brightening Cleanser particularly useful to attenuate hyperpigmentation, glycation and other signs of premature skin ageing.


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Cleanser Application

Apply the Brightening Cleanser twice daily leaving the cleanser on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing. For darker areas of the skin, mix a ¼ teaspoon of DermaFix Ultra XFoliant with DermaFix Brightening Cleanser and gently massage over the body for beautiful glowing skin. Follow with appropriate toner and moisturiser.

Key Ingredients



The DermaFix brightening cleanser has a unique formulation that inhibits the formation of Melanin on the skin as well as improves skin clarity and glow. The best results are achieved when using the brightening cleanser according to application instructions as well as with complimentary DermaFix advanced skincare products.


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8 reviews for Brightening Cleanser

  1. Saskia Kunneke

    Been using my Brightening Cleanser for years, cant do without it. Instant refresh and glow.

  2. Daniella Da Silva

    I love the smell of this cleanser, I have been using it for a few months now and can see the dark rings around my eyes brightening day by day. Dermafix is an affordable range, and the results that are shown are phenomenal. It is gentle enough to use on my eczema too! A must love!

  3. chantal

    I am an Indian woman, aged 51 and have hypothyroidism. Due to hormonal imbalances I have always had hyperpigmentation on my face and especially around the mouth area. In January 2016 my dermatologist recommended dermafix brightening cleanser to help even my skin tone. In just six months, I have been amazed at how the grey area around my mouth has lightened and how much more even my face is tone is. I am due to see my dermatologist at the end of this month and am eager to try out other products in this range.

  4. Tara McGovern

    I use this with my melanoderm for great pigment and dark spot reduction – this cleanser last for ages ( which is rare for me as I usually use way to much of other brands) and it keeps my dehydrated skin fresh and moisturised and blemish free.

  5. praenisha

    I’ve been using Brightening Cleanser for years and its my favorite cleanser. Not only does it last for months, but your skin feels brighter, clean and refreshed after using. It helps with pigmentation and keeps my skin blemish free.

  6. lizzy78

    absolutely in love with this product. the smell is amazing and fresh and my skin just feels incredible after washing….my pigmentation has improved dramatically and this product lasts forever!!!

  7. ElizdaH

    I am that person that reads reviews and carefully checks ingredient lists, so I decided to write my own.

    Dermafix has honestly changed my life. I did the skin quiz and got a prompt response from Rozlyn – I then went on to order her recommendations suited to my skin care needs and havn’t looked back a day.

    I wanted a Cleanser that has anti-ageing properties. It honestly lasts for forever – mine lasted almost a year. It has a silky feel when washing and makes my skin feel rejuvanated and fresh. I have used many products but none come close to my Dermafix range – thank you for making such an incrediable product. 🙂 Happy Client.

  8. WhoIsDebra

    I love this product, does a great job of cleansing my skin, smells great and goes a looooong way!

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