Bio-Effective Cream

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Deep Moisturising Therapy

Bio-Effective Cream is an extra nourishing moisturising cream that is an active revitalising and regenerative skin treatment for mature and dry skin care concerns. The Bio-Effective cream has unique qualities that are based on the exclusive properties of exceptional botanical extracts, a complex of Vitamins (A, C, D & E) and extra high content of selected nourishing oils.

Additional information

Moisturiser Application

The DermaFix Bio-Effective Cream should be use after cleansing and toning, and should be applied twice daily. The creamy consistency makes Bio-Effective Cream an ideal night cream. During sleep the metabolic activity of skin cells is at its highest, facilitating a better uptake of active ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Vitamins A and C
Soy Milk Protein


DermaFix Bio-Effective cream contains and unique essential Fatty Acids blend for ageing and super dry skin. The DermaFix Bio-Effective moisturiser is a luxurious cream that should be used according to instructions to repair dry and damaged skin.



7 reviews for Bio-Effective Cream

  1. Hanlie1984

    My favourite moisturiser!

  2. Amber Downey (verified owner)

    I have extremely dry skin and this is the only moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling hydrated at the end of the day. Nothing compares,l. Highly recommended.


    Thank you Dermafix for this wonderful product. I had a really dry skin before I started using Bio Effective and I went through this whole winter, and Sutherland’s extremely cold and snowy winter without even a dry spot on my cheeks! Love it!

  4. Laetitia vL

    Thank you DermaFix for this wonderful product! I had an extremely dehydrated skin before I started using Bio Effective. Now I went through the extreme cold and snowy temperatures of Sutherland without even a dry spot on my cheeck! Love it!

  5. Spikkel

    Love, love love this moisturizer. I always used to struggle with my skin, especially in winter with red, irritated skin and never could find anything to really sooth that burning, itching sensation. Untill I discovered Dermafix bio effective cream. Now I’m using the entire range and won’t change to anything else.


    Best cream for dry skin, great to use after pen procedures. Really makes my skin feel great

  7. Kakola Ketu

    Amazing cream

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