Argan Oil 100% Organic

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All Skin Types including Sensitised, Eczema and Psoriasis Prone Skin

Argan Oil is an organic nourishing elixir obtained from the kernels of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa) endemic to Morocco. The DermaFix Argan Oil is a moisturiser with 100% Pure EcoCert and Natrue organic certified Oil. Argan oil is a highly valuable skin care ingredient with regenerating and protecting properties.

When used as an application for the skin, Argan Oil protects against moisture loss and oxidative damage, is an excellent emollient, easily absorbed by the skin providing a smooth skin feel and tones the cutaneous surface. It also reduces inflammation and provides free radical protection.

When used in the hair, Argan Oil is a fragrance free, natural shine enhancer that has regenerative properties that stimulates hair growth from the hair root.

Additional information

Moisturiser Application

As a Moisturiser:
DermaFix Argan Oil, can be applied as required twice daily Can be used with DermaFix serums or moisturisers. Protect with DermaShield SPF 50 – Zinc Oxide High Protection
Sunscreen for ultimate protection.
As a Hair treatment:
Apply as required to roots and pull through onto hair strands and massage.
Treatment washes out with one shampoo.
As a styling aid:
Apply a small amount and work through with fingers on damp or dry hair.
Apply to cuticle and nail plate massage gently and leave on.

Key Ingredient

100 % Pure organic Argan Oil



Protects against moisture loss and oxidative damage
Excellent emollient, easily absorbed by the skin providing a smooth skin feel and tones the cutaneous surface
Reduces inflammation and provides free radical protection
Fragrance Free
Cleanser for extreme sensitivity


Fragrance free, natural shine enhancer
Extra Care for dry, brittle or chemically treated hair
Regenerating hair growth from the hair root



5 reviews for Argan Oil 100% Organic

  1. audreyp

    MY SAVIOUR! This product is incredible! I struggled for YEARS with rather dehydrated skin, trying all sorts of potions and lotions. Then one day the penny dropped and I said to myself “what about argan oil??” – well I have never looked back! my skin no longer feels tight – I slather the stuff on straight after washing my face. My skin just drinks it in, leaving it smooth, not oily at all. I then apply a serum and my moisturiser and I’m set for the day!

  2. Nicole Price

    Absolute magic in a bottle, not just my favorite Dermafix product but one of my favourites of all time and it’s proudly South African! I’m turning 30 this year and had a baby last year and the lack of sleep I assume has just taken it’s toll on my skin. I remember looking in the mirror one day and I felt that my skin really aged in such a short period. My skin also starting breaking out after my pregnancy and I have pigmentation.
    The age defying argon oil really captured my attention, I felt like this was exactly what my skin needed. I love pampering my skin with the oil, morning and evening all over my neck and décolleté too. The oil feels rich and luxurious and it only takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin, no oily residue which means it can be used before make up application, my skin doesn’t become oily during the day. The bottle comes with a dropper so that you can save every precious drop of this miracle oil, which means it is very economical. A R 400 price tag for a 3 in 1 product that simply lasts and lasts, not bad at all!
    After a few weeks of use my complexion looked A LOT better, my skin felt re-hydrated, it was clearer, more radiant and rejuvenated! Dark circles underneath my eyes were fading and fine lines around my eyes appeared to look better thanks to the hydration properties. My husband barely noticed when I dyed my hair from blonde to bright red but he noticed a change in my appearance, and that speaks volumes! He is now also a huge fan of the facial oil and uses it daily, and this is a man who believed in smothering his skin in Bio-oil. I often find the bottle on my dresser now a days, haha!
    I also use the Argon oil on my toe and finger nails after grooming to hydrate the cuticles and to make my nails look healthy. Thank you Dermafix for this amazing product!

  3. michaelakayesmith

    This is very hydrating and its natural. It helps with wrinkles and protects the skin from drying out. It is great for the neck area and hands.

  4. PieterMarlene

    I have a very dry and flaky skin that tends to breakout,so I cant use just anything.
    Since I started using the Argan Oil my problems is something of the past.I just add a few drop to my fingertips and apply before applying my night moisturizer

  5. shaydeturner

    I love this product! I battle with eczema and dry, dehydrated, sensitised skin. The Dermafix 100% Argan Oil is an amazing product that can be used to treat all of my skin concerns. Being able to not only use it on my skin, but on my hair and nails too is an added bonus! It is vegan and made from 100% pure organic Argan oil, making it a winner in my daily skincare and beauty regime.

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