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The DermaFix Active Cleansing Gel is a deep cleansing product that contains an oil-free formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities and make-up. Active Cleansing Gel helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells due to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids with natural enzymes to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Key Ingredients: Yeast Extract (Vitamin B), Salicylic Acid, Camphor Extract, Lavender Extract

Additional information

Cleanser Application

Apply the Active Cleansing Gel to your face with moistened hands. Once you have applied the cleansing gel to your hands, gently lather then rinse. It is recommended that doubling cleaning should be used, using Active Cleansing Gel, if make-up has been worn. Follow with appropriate toner and moisturiser. The Active Cleansing Gel is not for use over eye area, and can be used as a body wash on breakout prone areas.

Key Ingredients

Yeast Extract (Vitamin B): Enhances the rate of cell turnover.

Salicylic Acid: Willow bark (white willow tree) induces a reduction of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and benefits acne.

Camphor Extract: A cooling and antiseptic extract. Lavender Extract: Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.


The DermaFix Active Cleansing Gel is a deep cleansing oil-free cleanser with a unique formula that dissolves the intracellular “glue” that make the epidermal cells stick together in the skin. The Active Cleansing Gel is the ideal “pre-advanced treatment” cleanser and is has the best outcome when applied correctly using the cleanser application instructions listed above.



Sensitive to Aspirin?

Please consult with your skin care professional before purchasing.

11 reviews for Active Cleansing Gel


    This is the perfect cleanser for my combination skin. The oily parts feel squeaky clean. Will keep on re-ordering this cleanser

  2. michaelakayesmith

    This has helped with my acne without irritating my skin and drying it out too much. I am pleased with this product.

  3. Nabeela

    I am absolutely in love with this cleanser! It keeps my skin feeling clear and bright without it feeling dry. It also removes my makeup efficiently. Perfection! Give it a go, you wont go wrong.

  4. Emma

    I love this cleanser, smells so clean and fresh. I use it as body wash as I was experiencing small acid bumps on my arms and it helps to keep them at bay.

  5. LulzLungile (verified owner)

    The best cleanser for my acne.i am very pleased it doesnt leave the skin feeling dry .If you looking for something to fight acne and congested oily skin this is the best cleanser.

  6. Hannahmarkham02@gmail.con

    A really great cleanser. Helps keep my acne at bats me my skin feels refreshed and clean after use. Has a nice smell too

  7. DPiscopo1

    The best active cleanser i have ever used. I am obsessed with this gel. It gives your skin a good firm feel right after you have washed your face. And also love the smell of this product. Best product for acne/oily prone skin. Hello to beautiful clear skin thanks to dermafix.

  8. Nadia Basson (verified owner)

    I have used many cleansers before and can now finally say that I have found the best one for my combination skin. I will continue to purchase this as it works wonders for my skin.

  9. DominiqueMcAllister

    I love the clean smell and how it leaves my skin feeling clean. I definitely recommend this cleanser for those girls with acne prone skin. It has helped diminish my breakouts.

  10. Lisa Stevenson

    Amazing cleanser. The bottle lasts forever…such value. Cleaning doesn’t overly dry my skin out. It smells wonderful. Doesn’t leave my skin flakey.

  11. Shalyn

    Very good

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