Beauty without cruelty – Making sense of skincare product ingredients


The demand for ethical skin care products is on the rise, consumers are becoming more aware of the process in which products are manufactured and tested. Skincare Laboratories are in turn being forced to meet the standards of providing the end consumer with products that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


By definition, the trend-setting terminology, Organic and Natural alongside Cruelty-free products are as follows with Vegans being comparatively, fairly new;



Vegan skincare products with cruelty-free testing


Are you preparing to become a vegan for health, the love of animals, nutritional reasons or for the environment? Whatever the reason, you will be making a positive change for yourself and towards the aforementioned factors. Being vegan means that you do not allow yourself to eat any animals or any product that has been created by an animal such as dairy products. Some vegans extend their belief into other aspects of their lifestyle such as cruelty-free clothing, leather products, makeup and skincare products, and the list goes on.


Ingredients such as beeswax, which is not vegan compliant, is used in a variety of skin care products and sunscreens, however, no animal is harmed in the production of beeswax.


Organic and Natural ingredients in products


Organic products refer to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. Specific requirements need to be met and maintained in order for these products to be labelled as ‘organic’. Many organisations exist with differing criteria NATRUE and EcoCert being popular, they have made it their mission to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics, to benefit consumers worldwide.


Cruelty-Free skincare products


Most manufacturing laboratories are desperately trying to comply by producing products that are Cruelty-Free over the next few years. Procedures such as Botox Injectables and many other medications are still being tested on animals. The movement away from utilising animal tested products and ingredients is fast becoming a non-negotiable factor for the consumers and ethical skincare companies alike. The abuse and suffering of animals are no longer permitted in many countries around the world and as such strive to offer humane, non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful practices. Nature Identical Products and Ingredients are synthesized to mimic the benefits of the Natural alternatives, benefiting both the skin and the environment.


DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care makes use of this concept in the production of our skincare products ensuring no animals are harmed or abused during the production and testing process.


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