MT Microneedle Roller

MT Microneedling is an advanced delivery system improving the absorption of active ingredients used in the correction of ‘Confetti’ Scattered Hyperpigmentation, Lines and Wrinkles, Extrinsic Ageing, Acne Scarring and Sun Damage.

DermaFix MT Microneedle Roller Range:

Improve absorption of ingredients with our MT Microneedle Roller

The pioneering work of researcher Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D., paved the way for the idea that ageing is no mysterious event that occurs at random. Rather, it is a pre-programmed process that begins at a cellular level. Through his work, it became clear that finding a way to reduce or eliminate cell damage could significantly affect the ageing process.

Free radicals are entirely natural, they are a by-product of normal bodily processes, like breathing air or digesting food. They are also extremely treacherous as the free radicals seek to stabilize themselves, and as a result, they damage healthy cells. Free Radicals are unleashed by external factors including sunlight, cigarette smoke and air pollution.

Collagen being a protein is one of the substances that give our skin a youthful suppleness and tautness and is especially susceptible to free radical damage aiding in the ageing process. This makes MT Microneedling the perfect add on to your DermaFix Serums ensuring you get the best results from your homecare program.


When looking for a MT Microneedle Roller, you should look for a product that is durable and is a high quality precision tool. It is recommended that the barrel and handle be made from Lexan polycarbonate resin, the axle made from polished stainless steel and that the needles are made from surgical steel. This ensures that the roller does not rust and the highest level of hygiene is maintained. The needles on the roller should be held permanently in place to the specified length from the roller base. 


The benefits of a MT Microneedle roller (homecare) is that it creates  micro-channels allowing for the serums used alongside the roller to get improved product penetration, meaning that a higher concentration of active ingredients are taken up into the skin and thereby improve  your specified skin care concern. The DermaFix MT Microneedle Roller may last longer than other rollers. The patented design and superior materials may give the DermaFix MT Microneedling Roller twice the lifespan of most other roller brands. DermaFix MT Microneedling Rollers may be a safer product than other derma rollers and is manufactured under strict ISO9001 standards in a high-tech sterile facility. DermaFix MT Microneedling Roller is a versatile treatment alternative, applied to a wide range of skin conditions.

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