Industry leading skin care products and skin solutions from DermaFix

The skin care brands from DermaFix have been tested and are recommended for optimal skin care and thus prevention of premature ageing of the skin. Apart from a range of cleansers we also have an extensive skin care range of top skin moisturisers, some of which are briefly discussed below.


Bio-Effective Cream

For more mature skin types requiring effective protection against sun and environmental damage, we recommend our Bio-Effective Cream. It contains a complex of vitamins and botanical extracts to help improve collagen and elastin levels in the skin. This in turn helps to keep the skin younger for longer.


VitaPlex-C Cream

Another one of the skin care brands from DermaFIX that can be recommended for daily use is the VitaPlex-C Cream. It is ideal for normal to dry and ageing skin. The cream contains Vitamins A, B5, C, D as well as E and helps to smooth the skin. With powerful antioxidant properties it helps to improve the skin’s natural protection against environmental factors. The Vitamin C helps with collagen formation, and overall, the cream provides superior nourishing qualities needed to moisturise the skin.


Bio-Hydrating Cream

If you are looking for a super hydrating cream then you should use our Bio-Hydrating moisturiser. It rejuvenates and can be used on all non-problematic skin types. With regular application, the skin develops radiance and this helps to get a youthful appearance. If used with the skin-care serums available from DermaFIX you can expect even better results. The cream contains seaweed extracts, Sodium PCA, and Hyaluronic Complex, all known for their hydration and rejuvenation properties, which are essential in firming the skin.


Vitamin B Cream

The moisturiser is ideal for application on oily skin and is also recommended for dermatitis and eczema prone skins. It is a light cream that contains a complex of Vitamins, Amino Acids and botanical extracts. The moisturiser is rich in natural Vitamin B complex, which helps to regulate the excretion of oils. This in turn is important to prevent pore clogging.

The above are but, a few of the skin care brands available from DermaFix. View our complete product range, shop online and place your order today.