Many Skin Care Clinics offer MT Microneedling Treatments and it is considered to be a safe and effective skin treatment when performed by a trained Skin Care Professional. But what about doing this treatment at home? Are there any benefits?


And the answer is a definite “yes” to both of these questions.


The MT Microneedling Home Roller is designed to maximise the penetration and effectiveness of active topical skin care products. Your MT Microneedling Treatment at home will be nearly pain-free and requires no topical anesthetic.


The MT Microneedling Home Roller creates micro channels through the surface of the skin, allowing active ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively. The penetration, absorption and effectiveness of the topically applied skin care products is noticeably improved.


Other benefits you can enjoy from doing a MT Microneedling Home Treatment include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, improved skin texture, softening of scars and a reduction in hyperpigmentation


The MT Microneedling Home Rollers include a 0.2mm facial roller as well as a 0.5mm body-use roller. The rollers make use of surgical steel needles embedded into the roller head. Surgical steel ensures that the needles stay rust-resistant and increases the rollers durability.


To further improve product absorption into the skin, you can combine MT Microneedling Home Rolling with superficial exfoliation prior to performing the Microneedling treatment.


In order to optimize your MT Microneedling Homecare treatment, the following guidelines and safety precautions should be followed and adhered to:


  • Always use a MT Microneedling Home Roller that has a needle length of no longer than 0.2mm for the face and 0.5mm for the body. These needles are small enough that your microneedling experience will be pain free but will also still prove to be highly effective.  Needle lengths in excess of 0.5mm are best used by trained Skin Care Professionals only.
  • Remember it is “one roller per person” and not a roller per family. Each family member will have to purchase their own MT Microneedling Homecare Roller to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Perform the treatment 1 – 2 times a week for best results and use it along with your choice of any DermaFix ActiveCellCeutical serum or as prescribed by your DermaFix Skin Care Professional.
  • The lifespan of your MT Microneedling Home Roller is +/- 8 months, depending on frequency of use as well as the size of the area you are treating. It is thus advised to replace your roller every 8 months for optimal results.
  • Avoid moles, warts, acne and open sores when rolling the skin as this may lead to the spread of bacteria around the face.
  • Always purchase your Microneedling Homecare Roller from a well reputed supplier that is able to offer you support products and treatment advice.


How to perform the DermaFix MT Microneedling Homecare Treatment (performed 1 – 2 times a week):


  1. Prepare your skin with a thorough double cleanse with a recommended DermaFix cleanser. Follow this with DermaFix DermaPolish, to exfoliate and remove any redundant skin cells.
  2. Gently roll over your skin using vertical, horizontal and even diagonal strokes, rolling over each side of face, chin, upper lip, forehead, neck and décolleté. Short, controlled strokes are best to avoid scratching your skin. Ensure to lift the roller between each pass in order to avoid dragging the roller over the skin. 3-6 passes is recommended in each area.
  3. Apply a DermaFix ActiveCellCeutical serum suited to your skin concerns as prescribed by your Skin Care Therapist.
  4. End off with an application of a DermaFix moisturizer. If this treatment is being performed during the day, be sure to apply DermaFix DermaShield SPF 45 / SPF 50 High UVA/UVB Protection Sunscreen.
  5. Wash your MT Microneedling Roller in hot, soapy water after every use and soak it in Cold Sterilant anti-bacterial solution for 10 minutes. Make sure your roller is completely dry, before storing it back in its original container. This will ensure your MT Microneedling Roller stays clean until your next “roll”.


To conclude with the words of Canadian Skin treatment specialist, Dr Lance Setterfield: “Needling is a safe, effective, affordable treatment option that obtains cosmetic results through optimum cellular health.”


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