Preparing the skin for a healthy Stratum Corneum

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin which acts as a protective barrier against external factors such as environmental stress. This protective barrier has a vital role in the prevention of water loss and the protection against harmful bacteria and free radical damage. It is essential that the skin barrier is kept intact in order to prevent various skin care concerns from developing.

A healthy stratum corneum consists of a composition of water, ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. A healthy skin barrier is dependent on these key components being in homeostasis.


DermaFix Ceramide Complex

Ceramides are the most important structural elements of the lipid skin barrier. As we age, skin begins to experience a natural loss of ceramides, making it more vulnerable to the signs of ageing. DermaFix Ceramide Complex contains a superior blend of ceramides that have a plant derived lipid concentrate, helping to restore and replenish the protective barrier function of the skin. In addition DermaFix Ceramide Complex contains DMAE enhancing the effects of the powerful blend of actives and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thereby improving skin elasticity. This revolutionary corrective is essential in the maintenance and reparation of the skin barrier (stratum corneum) function offering age-defying results.


DermaFix Dermal Repair

One of the key aspects in maintaining the skin barrier integrity is the prevention of trans-epidermal water loss. Skin hydration is an important factor to consider when preserving the integrity of the stratum corneum. DermaFix Dermal Repair is an exclusive multi-vitamin facial treatment. It contains an essential amount of vitamin C, just the right concentration of Vitamin A and E, as well as beneficial minerals and extra pure essential oils. DermaFix Dermal Repair provides a smoothing, anti-oxidant, brightening and protective film for all types of environmentally damaged skin starting to show signs of ageing.


DermaFix Argan Oil

Essential fatty acids are commonly known as omega oils, and are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. These polyunsaturated oils further help to produce the skin’s natural oil barrier, playing an essential role in keeping the skin hydrated, promoting a plumper and more youthful looking skin.  DermaFix Argan Oil is an easily absorbed emollient helping to protect against moisture loss by providing an essential fatty acid boost for the skin. DermaFix Argan Oil furthermore offers anti-oxidant protection along with skin soothing benefits, thereby reducing redness and promoting overall skin health and wellbeing.


DermaFix Vitamin C Serum

DermaFix Vitamin C Serum provides an anti-oxidant boost for the skin.  These 2 DermaFix products make a great combination in maintaining the barrier of the skin whilst protecting it against the free radical attack that leads to skin damage and premature skin ageing.


The surface of the stratum coreum is ideal for the application of various mediums such as make-up, moisturisers, and serums however it’s most important function often gets overlooked. As a result, this protective lipid barrier gets impacted by incorrect product application and environmental stress. The key to any skin care regime for the improvement of various skin care concerns is the health of the stratum corneum.