DermaFix Festive Season Promotion 2019

We have 2 new products that are just around the corner from being launched and because we are feeling festive so close to the festive season we are giving away these 2 new products as part of our FREE gift box set when you spend R1 850 or more.

DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse


A deep cleansing water- and oil-soluble preparation for the effective emulsification of eye make-up and foundation. DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse easily and effectively removes surface impurities leaving no residue on the skin. Incorporate DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse into your cleansing routine, prior to using your DermaFix Cleanser and Toner of choice, ensuring superior penetration of active skin care products.



  • Incorporates into your cleansing routine as part of your double cleanse
  • Removes both water- and oil-soluble make-up
  • Emulsifies with the addition of water
  • Suitable for both face and eye area

ActiveCellCeuticals RETINOL +


DermaFix ACC Retinol + incorporates ‘new science’ with the addition of its key ingredient Cylasphere® Retinol, an agar micro-sphere encapsulating retinol. The encapsulation of retinol allows for a slow release into the skin for improved bioavailability, efficacy and a gentler use. DermaFix ACC Retinol + stimulates the fibroblasts helping to thicken the dermis for a firmer and younger looking skin. This revolutionary serum, incorporating advanced Vitamin C, resurfaces the skin whilst offering superior skin revitalization.



  • Allows for a slow release of retinolLess irritation, less keratolytic
  • Activates Dermal Fibroblasts for collagen and elastin production
  • Dermis is thickened, skin is firmer and younger looking