When it comes to your image, there is no harsher critic in the world than you. People can tell you that you look amazing, skin glowing, body toned, glossy hair, and you will likely still look in the mirror and find a fault. This is the reality for many of us. Sometimes the things that you are critical of can be changed, and sometimes not. If you are concerned about the way your skin looks, we’ve got some handy tips on how to not only fall in love with your skin, but also the process of addressing the things that you want to change.


Like all good things, you may need to wait for the changes in your skin to become apparent. With many common skin concerns such as pigmentation and ageing, it took time for your skin to develop the problem, so it will take time to change it. Often times, the quick-fix treatments and products can be harsh and only yield results for a short time before the effects of their rapid treatment cause new problems or a recurrence of existing ones. 

So, while you are likely in the skin care ritual to create change for the long haul, let’s take a look at some ways in which you can fall in love with the process. Thereby making your ritual more consistent and your results easier to achieve. We have heard many people saying that working on their skin is a chore that they don’t enjoy and they wish it could just be “fixed already”.  

  1. Don’t rush through your cleanse planning your to do list for the day. Stay in the moment, breathe slowly, and use your senses to appreciate the smells and textures that you are applying to your skin and the way it makes your skin feel. Using DermaFix DermaPrep, notice the sleek texture as you use it water-free on your skin, then the soft emulsification when you are ready to rinse. DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel, take a deep breath in as you foam up your cleanser and inhale the botanical aroma. Cleansing is starting to sound more like a relaxing exercise than a chore, right? 
  1. DermaFix DermaPolish and DermaPolish + comes in a soft, fluffy, powder consistency and foams up when activated with water. As you massage the gentle exfoliating enzymes into your skin, notice the fresh aroma and cool tingle on your skin. This product is sure to leave your skin feeling ultra-polished and silky to the touch. Just like that, you are now in love with the process of exfoliation, one of the key steps in targeting concerns such as congestion, pigmentation and dull skin. 
  1. DermaFix Revitalizing or Brightening Toner. Whether you choose to apply this balancing, toning tonic to the skin with a cotton pad or via a light and gentle mist, feel the skin as it soaks in the potent actives, healing, tightening and plumping the skin as they absorb. 
  1. No matter which DermaFix serum and moisturiser has been recommended for your unique concern and skin ritual, enjoy the way your product glides onto the skin following your cleansing steps. Notice the healthy glow that you skin radiates after performing your skin ritual at its best.  
  1. Always complete any day time skin ritual with DermaFix DermaShield SPF to protect from the harsh effect of UVA/UVB/HEV Light. 

Over time, you will look forward to treating your skin and feeling the incredible results. Ensure that you take images of your skin monthly to track your results. In this way, you will fall more in love with your skin and the process of treating it every day. Want to get there a little faster? Contact DermaFix head office so that we can refer you to your nearest accredited skin centre for Professional DermaFix Skin Treatments. 0861282323