Face products are essential for sensitive facial skin

The human skin is a very sensitive organ that can react in many different way to beauty products as well as deficiencies. Even more sensitive than the skin on the body is the skin on your face. Face products are uniquely designed to sensitive facial skin and plays a key role in the health and appearance of facial skin. When used correctly and routinely, face products can leave the skin looking fresh, youthful and rejuvenated.


Vitamin C face products

Doctor Albert Szent- György discovered the chemical ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, and won a Nobel Prize for his work on oxidation and for isolating vitamin C. His discovery was among the foundations of modern nutrition.

On a molecular level, Vitamin C face products are capable of creating heightened electron exchanges, and in so doing, raising the level of vitality in the cells and tissues. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant raising electrical potentials in the cells, thereby increasing cellular exchange and stimulating cell metabolism. DermaFix Vitamin C Serum should be topically applied before using other various face products, in the prevention of premature ageing in the skin. Vitamin C Serum is an important factor in the healing process, as it stimulates the skin’s fibroblast cells, in order to produce new collagen.


Enzymes found in face products

Enzymes are the essential triggers for the metabolic machinery of every living thing. DermaFix DermaPolish and Colloidal Oat Masque both make use of enzymes, which are essential to superb skin care and are incorporated into the DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care range.

Chemist James Batcheller Sumner, who shared a Nobel Prize in chemistry with his fellow colleagues in 1946 for crystallising the first enzyme, insisted that the “fortyish” look, with its sagging skin, fat around the middle and lack of vitality, was attributable to an enzyme shortage that occurs when the body is not efficiently replacing enzymes in its cells. For instance, at body temperature, a small amount of pepsin gastric enzyme can break down the white of an egg into small chain peptides within just a few minutes.

DermaFix’s Corrective Enzyme contains soothing flowers of oats and protein amino acids. Corrective enzymes are effective for the therapy of skin that has been “plasticized” and hardened by over use of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), particularly glycolic acid and other acid based products. It helps to raise the skin’s pH, in order to soften the skin, especially after very low pH peels. It dissolves and draws out embedded topical product residues and prepares the skin for the advancement into progressive mask treatment, whereby the skin’s vascular activity naturally oxygenates the cell-producing skin layers. It is extremely gentle, yet very effective at lifting sagging skin around the jaw and neck, as well as under the eyes. The enzymes gently hydrolyse the dead topical skin cells, thus lightening and brightening the skin.

When DermaFix’s DermaPolish Enzymatic Exfoliator skin care enzymes are used daily, they to help digest dark redundant skin cells at a faster rate, thereby leaving the skin lighter and brighter in a short period of time.


DNA Protection with Telosense™ Biofunctional

Telomerase can be detected in keratinocytes of the basal epidermis, but not in skin fibroblasts. Telomerase activity has also been localised to the bulge component of the hair follicle.

Telomeres have an important role in the life of skin cells, including the ageing of skin. Telomeres in skin cells may be particularly susceptible to accelerated shortening because of proliferation and DNA-damaging agents, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS). Skin might present itself as accessible tissue for manipulation of telomerase activity and telomere length, with the potential of ameliorating skin diseases associated with ageing.

Two important mechanisms exist to maintain chromosome stability and protect the telomeres. The first mechanism involves an enzyme, telomerase, and the second, a group of 6 proteins called shelterin.

The telomere forms a loop structure under direction of shelterin proteins. The telomere repeat sequences are bound by these six proteins, known as shelterin (or telosome) which have fundamental roles in the stability and protection of chromosomes ends.


DermaFix’s DNA Protection contains Telosense biofunctional, which helps to maintain the shelterin complex. The product therefore provides reparation and protection.