Environmentally Stressed Skin

DermaFix products are Anti-Oxidant rich helping to improve overall skin health by protecting the skin from the external factors like UVA/UVB exposure and atmospheric pollution. Cell regeneration is increased and a healthier more refined skin soon becomes visible.

Proliferation of Anti-Oxidant Repair (Environmentally Stressed Skin)

An introduction to environmentally stressed skin and how to spot the symptoms

The key factor, when improving and preventing environmentally stressed skin, is to ensure that you are getting anti-oxidant protection from your skincare products. Anti-oxidants protect against the free-radicals that actively breaks down collagen and elastin fibres within the skin.

A key ingredient used in the DermaFix Product Range is Vitamin C, a highly effective anti-oxidant that is capable of creating heightened electron exchanges, and in so doing, raising the level of vitality in the cells and tissues. Vitamin C increases cellular exchange and stimulates cell metabolism. DermaFix Vitamin C Serum should be topically applied before using other various facial products, in the prevention of premature ageing in the skin. Vitamin C Serum is an important factor in the healing process, as it stimulates the skin’s fibroblast cells, in order to produce new collagen and combat environmentally stressed skin.

Another factor which can cause environmentally stressed skin is the sun.  Most of us enjoy the soothing rays of the sun which give our skin that sun-kissed colour and tan which we desire. We spend hours lying in the sun, trying to achieve that ‘darker’ appearance. However, we need to realize that the effects of the sun’s rays on our skin can be very harmful, causing premature ageing which results in wrinkles. Morning sun and afternoon sun can be beneficial for skin health as it helps with the production of Vitamin D within the skin, however, avoid sun exposure between 10am and 4pm.

Skin care routine for the treatment for environmentally stressed skin

After the cleansing routine, apply serum DermaFix Vitamin C Serum for anti-oxidant protection. Follow with DermaFix VitaPlex C Cream, a multi-vitamin moisturiser offering protection against environmental stress and damage. DermaFix Dermal Repair may be applied as a barrier repair serum that assists to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays with DermaShield SPF40/50 High Protection UVA/UVB sunscreen. DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 meets the South African National Standards SANS 1557:2013.

DermaFix Ferulic + C + E can be applied in the morning after your cleansing routine, prior to the application of DermaShield SPF40/50 for added anti-oxidant protection


Double cleanse the skin with DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with DermaFix DermaPolish, a gentle enzyme exfoliator assisting with the removal of dark redundant skin cells. Tone the skin with DermaFix Revitalising Toner to prepare the skin for advanced absorption of active ingredients and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.