Applying a face masque has been a ritual in skincare dating back to Ancient Egypt and the times Cleopatra. Believe it or not, it is documented that the first cosmetic product ever made was thought to be a masque. Fast forward to 2020 and the global masque market is set to peak at a massive $50 billion dollars by 2025, according to Statista in August 2019.


Knowing the benefits that masques have to offer the skin, it is no wonder that this type of product has become a staple in most skincare routines. In fact, for many, the best part of a professional facial treatment is when the skin care professional applies the masque. Your skin care professional has access to, and utilises, some of the most amazing professional masking systems which are not readily available to purchase for home use. The unknown of what masque they are going to use next makes your spa visit all that much more exciting, not to mention the prospect of catching up on your forty-winks while the masque is on… Pure peace and quiet!


With this mind, let me introduce you to two extraordinary masques from the DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care Professional Range, making use of the remarkable power of enzymes, or enzymology.


Enzymology is the term given to denote the study of enzymes. There are many different enzymes that exist within our bodies.  These generally act as a catalyst to aid the facilitation of certain chemical reactions, enabling certain bodily functions such as the digestion of food. In nature, enzymes are found within animals, bacteria, fungi and all plant-life, including marine plant-life, where they assist with vital processes for growth and development.


When it comes to skin care, plant enzymes, specifically protease enzymes, are often utilised for exfoliation purposes, improving cellular turnover as well as unclogging pores, brightening the skin and assisting to calm inflammation.


The DermaFix Professional Enzyme Masques are focused on re-educating the facial muscles to tighten and tone the subdermal area. These masques hold the facial muscles in contraction for a duration of 20-45 minutes, causing a pulsation in the skin as a form of passive exercise.  This pulsation leads to an increase in skin vascularity and in turn improves the presence of oxygen, nutrients and minerals in the skin for overall improved skin health. The experience of having these masques on the skin is like no other, and the results are immediate with long term benefits.


Although both masques will feel very similar when applied to the skin, they each have their own key benefits:


With DMAE to offer powerful lifting benefits and MSM focused on cellular repair, the DermaFix Firming Facial Enzyme Masque has an impressive record in age management, lifting and contouring the skin to help soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


The DermaFix Derma Corrective Enzyme Masque assists in raising the skin’s pH to soften a plasticized skin, helping to draw out embedded topical product residue and impurities. With the increase in vascular activity, it naturally oxygenates the skin, offering a refreshed, smoother and softer skin with a radiant, healthy glow.


Both these masques need to be activated correctly in order to achieve the best results. The DermaFix Corrective Activator is rich in kelp extract, working to activate the botanical enzymes within each masque and helping to penetrate the pores for the effective removal of redundant skin cells.


As with any exercise, best results can be seen when doing more than one session.  These masques can be performed as a course of treatments, providing even better long-term skin health benefits, and are perfectly complimented by DermaFix Home Care.


For more information on the above-mentioned masques, contact your nearest DermaFix Stockist or contact the DermaFix Head Office on 0861 28 23 23.