DermaFix Customer Reviews

See what our clients have to say about our tried and tested skin care range that have products that work for all skin types, budgets and conditions.

Nancy Smith

I want to say thank you for your amazing customer service!

I ordered yesterday and received my products this morning…that is incredible!

Not only am I getting top of the line products, but also reliable and efficient service.  And the little sample packs are a nice touch!

Thanks for being a company we want to come back to, over and over again.

Claudell van Eeden

Thank you DermaFix for introducing me to your fantastic skin care range. As a Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist, my skin always has to look its best.

Colette Yende

I started using your product about 4 to 5 years ago and I and often battled with pigmentation, dryness in winter and severe oiliness in summer.

Maree Rodinis

Hi my name is Maree Rodinis and I started my journey with Dermafix about 3 years ago. I started using their products at that time and noticed such a difference in my skin.

A year ago I I had four of their peels and then decided to do the micro-needling.

The results have been awesome. People I know have said to me you are looking young what have you been doing? I tell all about my secret and recommend the products as they are affordable and work!

Thank you Dermafix!!!!!

Maree Rodinis

Gina Voster

Having been around most of the European Cosmetic houses, I now only use DermaFix Advanced Cosmeceutical Skin Care.

A few of my favourite’s products in the range are;

  • Copper Peptide for collagen repair, anti-inflammatory and healing.
  • Ceramide Complex with DMAE for firming and tightening
  • Vitamin C Serum, for anti-oxidant protection against environmental damage
  • DermaPolish, enzymatic exfoliation leaving my skin glowing and baby soft. I use this daily.

I have also combined DermaFix products as part of my MT Microneedling treatments for the removal of fine lines and wrinkles and the results are beautifully visible!

Gina Voster

Vanessa Rodrigues

I have to tell you how impressed I am with Dermafix. I used to have the most awful pigmentation across my forehead and cheeks.

My local beauty salon recommended Dermafix and I have never looked back!

I currently use the Powerderm Moisturiser, Brightening Toner, The EyeLuronic Gel, Dermashield Sunblock and DermaPolish.  When I started with the product, I also used the Dermabright.  I also go for Dermafix facials.

My pigmentation has gone and my skin is brighter and smoother.

I love this product!


Vanessa Rodrigues, Cape Town

Sally Montgomery

Since I started using Dermafix almost everything about my skin has improved!!! It is such a wonderful range of products that really do what they claim to do.

My pigmentation has greatly improved and I almost never suffer from breakouts like I used to. I can highly recommend Dermafix!

Sally Montgomery

Belinda Strydom

I have ordered and received some of your products about two weeks ago. I am so impressed with the improvement of my skin in just two weeks!

The products that I have ordered are more in the basic range, but have worked miracles for my skin.

For the past 5 years I have tried one popular expensive brand after the other and was always disappointment that it didn’t live up to the advertisements. Now, after two weeks of using Dermafix my skin feels velvety soft and moisturized – I will never look back again! I cannot wait to try some of your specialized products.

Kind regards,

Belinda Strydom

Gaynor Ferguson

Amazing medical grade product, with the most fabulous results. Speedy online service delivery and the touch of the sample pack is fantastic to try other products in the range.

Sim Fink

Love the HydraSooth and DermaPolish sooo much! … My most favourite must-have items… I really can’t live without!

Mmatapa Ramaahlama

I have and still am enjoying my experience with DermaFix and the products I’ve used so far. They guided me on my healthy skin journey and helped me repair my damaged skin with their gentle cleanser , bio hydrating cream and enzyme exfoliator! Now I’ve added their vitamin c serum and spf for that GLOW🤩. I would definitely recommend