It’s the beginning of the year, and it’s the traditional time to make promises to ourselves about various aspects of our lives. We’ve all done it. “I’ll work out more often.”, “I’m going to book a skin treatment at least once a month.”, “I’ll drink the right amount of water.”, the list goes on. The trick is sticking to these promises. Life happens, we get busy, and these promises eventually get left by the wayside as familiar patterns continue to reign.


The simple truth is that it’s easier to stick to something you already know, or something that is easy, or enjoyable. So, let’s see what we can do about helping you to enjoy your ideal skin ritual. The first step is always to know what products would work best for your skin type, the condition that you want to address, as well as your budget.


If you haven’t yet got a preferred DermaFix skin care centre, let us refer you to your nearest one. One of our trained and accredited DermaFix therapists will assess your skin and make a recommendation for you.


There are several common reasons why people don’t stick to their ideal skin routine. One of them is that the routine has too many steps. No busy person wants to do more than two or three steps on their skin at the end of a day. Fortunately, there are ways around this with DermaFix.


The cleanse, tone, exfoliate step can be simplified by mixing. For example, if you are recommended DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel as well as DermaPolish for exfoliation, you can mix DermaPolish into your second cleanse thereby removing a step. If your exfoliation product is DermaBright (with Mandelic acid for an enzymatic exfoliation), you can add a few drops into your cleanser. Similarly, if you are using DermaFix Hyalu⁷ Boost, B₃ Boost or a DermaFix ACC serum, these can also be incorporated into your routine by adding a few drops into your moisturizer.


This is how it would look like as a step-by-step evening routine:


Step 1: Cleanse twice with recommended DermaFix Cleanser. With your second cleanse, add DermaPolish and foam before applying to the skin.

Step 2: Tone with your recommended DermaFix Toner.

Step 3: Pump your recommended moisturiser into the palm of your hand and add three drops of your recommended DermaFix serum.


In the morning you would add your SPF step.


And voila! It’s as simple as that. No faffing in front of the mirror for ages. Just simple, effective skin care.

If you need help with your recommendation, please contact DermaFix head office for a stockist referral or product recommendation. 0861 28 23 23 or