From warm summers to icy, sometimes snowy, cold winters, no one can accuse the South African weather of being steady. But it’s not just your wardrobe it affects, sudden temperature changes whether it be cold and dry or hot and humid, an area’s climate can drastically affect the skin. The skin all over your body may present with a variety of concerns from acne breakouts to dry, itchy patches. Extremes in weather – both hot and cold – can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or even create new ones so it is important to understand how climate changes can affect the skin.


Combating Winter Dryness


Colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity, which dries out and strips moisture from exposed skin. In winter your skin starts to feel drier, or even itchy during these colder months. The dry air, both inside and out, can dehydrate the skin however, adapting your normal skin regime with a few minor tweaks can make your skin feel supple and nourished once more:

  • Consider changing your cleanser, both facial and body, from a gel or foaming cleanser to one with a more milky, creamy texture, such as the DermaFix Hydra-Silk Cleanser. This is a light emollient cleanser that removes make-up and other impurities without stripping the essential lipids on the skin whilst promoting skin health and hydration.
  • You may need to change your moisturiser to an emollient rich formulation, but this will depend on how dry your skin becomes. Your moisturiser should include ingredients such as ceramides, essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid to help lock moisture into your skin. DermaFix Bio-Effective Cream is a regenerative skin treatment for lipid deficient skin that serves to protect the skins barrier during the drier months.
  • Adding an oil, such as DermaFix Argan Oil 100% Organic or DermaFix Omega + Tissue Oil to your existing moisturiser will assist to reduce irritation and provide the skin with the much needed protection against harsh environmental changes.
  • DermaFix ACC Hyaluronic can be applied to the skin under your existing DermaFix moisturiser morning and evening providing the skin with the ability to combat water loss. This will provide extra hydration to the skin and prevent the skin from feeling taught and sensitised.


Combating warm weather skin care concerns


A warmer climate or even just going from spring to summer, means higher temperatures and which may lead to a higher rate of oil (sebum) production by your skin’s sebaceous glands. As sebum flood‘s the skin’s surface it combines with sweat, and can leave your skin feeling uncomfortable with a shiny appearance. You can attempt combat these concerns by including the following changes:

  • During warmer months you may need to revert back to your gel or foam cleanser to ensure thorough cleansing of the skin as well as the effective removal of oil and sweat residue off of the skins surface. You can consider any one of the following DermaFix Gel/Foam cleansers, depending on your skin type and concerns; DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel, DermaFix Active Cleansing Gel or DermaFix Brightening Cleanser.
  • Change your moisturiser to one with a light-weight consistency to assist in the control of the sebaceous gland secretions. If your skin is not dry, but tends to be oilier, you can swap your moisturiser for a serum option, such as DermaFix ACC Vitamin C, a 3-in1 booster targeting Hyperpigmentation, Ageing and Breakouts.
  • For extra shine control use a Mattifying product that can also assist in refining rough texture and enlarged pores. DermaFix Mattifying Pore Minimizer contains a blend of hydroxy acids, including salicylic acid that spirals down the pores providing deep cleansing benefits. This DermaFix Spot Treatment offers nourishing benefits while keeping the “shine in line” by controlling excessive sebum secretion.

Different seasons don’t automatically require you to change all your skin care products, as not everyone’s skin responds to seasonal changes in the same way. Pay attention to the tell-tale signs of your skins textural changes and skin discomfort during the various seasons and adjust your skin care routine when necessary.

Always take into consideration sun exposure and the effects of damaging UVA/UVB rays on the skin. Using adequate sun protection is an all year round consideration. Exposure to UV rays is one of the major causes of premature ageing. Apply DermaFix DermaShield SPF 45/50 High Protection UVA/UVB sunscreen daily to prevent UV related skin damage.

With minor adjustments to your existing skin care regime, you can have healthier and more radiant skin all year round no matter what Mother Nature sends your way!

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