Cleansers are carefully formulated to pave the way for beneficial and thorough removal of make-up, sunscreens and general daily dirt. Enzyme exfoliation compliments the skin for a smoother and brighter complexion by removing redundant skin cells.

Using cleansers as a foundation for overall skin health

Cleansing your skin doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, we are firm believers in using the power of natural ingredients to do the job. Too often, fancy packaging or the latest buzzwords overshadow what’s truly important: the ingredients inside the bottle.

Common questions about cleansers

What to look for in a cleanser

Cleansing is vitally important to keep your skin clean. Choose a cleanser that your skin responds well to and doesn’t strip or dry out your skin. Many people think a bar of soap is an acceptable cleanser when it is not. Regular soap disturbs the pH of the skin which in turn negatively affects the acid mantle. This acid mantle is a barrier formed on the skin and ensures the prevention of bacterial infection. When you disturb this barrier by using an alkaline based product like a bar of soap, you welcome all sorts of problems going forward. It is recommended to choose a cleanser that is pH balanced or that sits on the Acid spectrum of the pH scale.

What are the benefits of using cleansers?

A cleanser not only removes daily dirt build-up on the skin as well as make-up but it can also be specific to your skincare concern.

Why use a DermaFix cleanser?

DermaFix Cleansers offer you the ability to clean the skin at the same time as having functionality within their own right. With the DermaFix Cleansing range we always recommend that you perform a double cleanse. This ensures the effective removal of daily dirt on the skin with your first initial cleanse. The second cleansing action allows you to get the benefits from your selected cleanser, whether it be a need to improve; acne, uneven skin tone, ageing or even rosacea we have a range of cleansers to suite your every skin care concern.

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