Beautiful skin can become a reality with the DermaFix range of skin care products

A beautiful skin is a prime requisite of beauty. It is impossible to imagine a lovely woman without a perfect complexion.  So important an impression does the skin create in the minds of its beholders, that one experiences a mental revulsion, even a physical cringing, when one sees skin that is unhealthy, blemished by pimples, blackheads and sallowness. It seems to indicate some type of uncleanliness, some neglect or some lack of nicety, in its possessor.

The skin is not merely a flattering tissue that a gracious Providence has devised to conceal the mechanisms of bones, muscles, tendons, blood-vessels and organs of which the body is composed. The skin, is a complicated organism that lives and breathes, and changes constantly.

There are four main duties of the skin and it has to perform all of its tasks thoroughly, if it is to be healthy and be seen as a beautiful skin. The skin protects from infection, excretes perspiration and impurities, keeps the temperature at the proper degree, and is the seat of the sense of touch. Although the skin is thin, it is not fragile but elastic. It withstands a tremendous amount of strenuous use and, quite frequently abuse.

A cross-section of the skin, as seen under a high powered microscope, reveals an amazing mass of cells, sweat glands, nerves and blood vessels. It consists of two principal layers, the epidermis and the dermis. In the subcutaneous tissue layer there are sweat glands, hair roots, sebaceous glands, and a mass of nerve fibres and blood vessels. This layer is the seat of skin activities of all kinds.

The epidermis or outer layer, consists of a myriad of horny, scaly cells. They are kept soft and supple by the oil and moisture emitted by the pores – the outer openings of the oil and sweat glands. These cells are constantly dying and new ones are taking their places. If the skin is neglected, the epidermis will become dry, rough, and finally crack, which may allow bacteria to enter.

Many people still insist on using normal soap to cleanse their skin, but would not use the soap on their hair as a cleanser.  A DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care Professional will analyse the skin and recommend a suitable cleanser with a Revitalising or Brightening Toner to improve the skin tone to give you beautiful skin. DermaPolish is an enzyme, which removes redundant skin cells and can be used daily or as the skin tone dictates. A great improvement is seen, delivering beautiful skin, within a short period of time, proving that a simple cleansing routine can turn skin from sallow to glowing. The toning removes all traces of the cleanser, which also has a stimulating effect, preparing the skin for the nourishing sequence which follows the thorough cleansing routine.

This thorough preparation in providing the platform for beautiful skin allows for the proper uptake of the ingredients, to be applied according to the skin care concerns. A myriad of pharmaceutical companies produce active ingredients which have clinical trials to prove the efficacy of their products. Laboratories produce the end product with ingredients which best suit the problematic skin. Be it acne prone, hyperpigmentation, scarred by acne or stretch marks, ageing or simply wanting to take good care of your skin. The abnormality of the present mode of living, with the dust laden air in cities and the alkali purifiers in drinking water, force us to give the skin of the face, neck and décolleté extra care with DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products.