As our temperature starts to drop the air becomes less moist, this is when our lips start to get dry and cracked, we have all suffered from this tight, rough and unpleasant condition at least once during the winter months. Besides using a good lip care product there are also lifestyle changes we can be cognisant of to assist keeping our lips soft and well hydrated.


Chapped lips are medically known as cheilitis simplex or common cheilitis and can be caused through various triggers. The skin on our lips is among the most sensitive on the body and is also the most exposed to our environment. Our lips do not have the same amount of oil glands as the rest of the skin and are exposed to all the elements- as weather gets colder and drier our lips will dry out faster than the rest of our skin, along with more lip licking to temporarily hydrate the lips in an attempt to alleviate the tight feeling. All of these factors dry out the skins barrier which leads to inflammation, cracking and flaking. This leaves lips feeling really uncomfortable.


It is not just the changes in weather that can cause your lips to feel dry and tight. It can be caused by allergic reactions due to pigments and fragrance in lipsticks or balms.


15ml LipFix from DermaFix


DermaFix LipFix is formulated with an active blend of Lip Perfecting and Plumping Technology. This formulation offers gradual lip plumping benefits whilst providing necessary skin hydration and protection.

The Sun can also cause a condition called actinic cheilitis, if you already have a history of sun damage any dry patches that last on the lips year-round should be seen to by your doctor. As this condition is a sign of precancerous changes to the lips.


How does one avoid chapped lips? In mild cases you will find that lips will heal up on their own over a few days, but in more severe cases the lips my require topical barriers to lock moisture in. As we all know, prevention is better than cure so keeping lips hydrated throughout the day to stop them from becoming dry in the first place is essential. It is important to note that some balms on the market do contain ingredients that can further dry the lips, so look for ones that are free from menthol, camphor as well as fragrances and harmful preservatives.


DermaFix LipFix contains coco seed butter that is healing to dry chapped lips as well as mango seed butter. Not only does it naturally contain vitamins A and C to offer anti-oxidant protection from the external elements it also is rich in essential fatty acids to help nourish and repair the lips. It is really much more than a lip balm as it also assists with increased lip volume and enhances lip colour with regular use. Due to it being high in actives it may stimulate cell turn over, if this happens, your lips may start to feel drier, but fear not all you need to do exfoliate gently with a little DermaFix DermaPolish. Including your mouth with your exfoliating step will work wonders but you can take it one step further and gently work the DermaPolish in to the lips with a soft bristle toothbrush before removing with warm water. Remember to apply your LipFix afterwards to lock in moisture. DermaFix LipFix also makes for a great lip primer for the ladies to use just before applying your lipstick and it also contains an SPF 20 so it will protect your lips from the harmful UV rays all year round.