Pros to using Moisturisers and Serums

Our natural skin barrier is an incredible thing! It locks in moisture, keeps our complexions hydrated and ensures that our skin remains supple and protected. There are, however, various environmental exposures that can damage this barrier, breaking down the coating around the cells that maintains the integrity of the skin.

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Top 5 Age-Preventative Products for a healthy skin

What we wouldn’t all do to turn back time! In an age of perfectly photo-shopped images, overuse of Botox and the quest for perfection, young people believe the retouched images of celebrities seen in magazines are attainable, but in actuality, they are not. When it comes to ageing, there are a few key points to keep in mind with our top 5 age-preventative products.

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How does smoking affect my skin?

We all know the damaging effect smoking has on our body, but have you ever wondered what it does to your skin? Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen, anti-oxidants and important nutrients, thereby contributing to an ageing skin as well as decreasing the skins wound healing response and increasing the chances of infection contributing to acne scarring. If you are a smoker then you really need to ask yourself the question – How does smoking affect my skin?

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Glycation and its impact on the skin

When it comes to ageing, sugar consumption can be a large contributor towards fine lines and wrinkles, this is due to a process called Glycation. Glycation is when excess sugar binds to the collagen, causing collagen to cross link becoming stiff and inflexible

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How to Hydrate an Oily, Acne Prone skin

Our skin can be like a complex puzzle full of often annoying contradictions. Throughout your 20’s, 30’s and even your 40’s individuals can experience breakout activity, whilst simultaneously battling with a flaky dry skin. It is often difficult to try and find the balance catering for all the needs of the skin and more specifically how to hydrate an oily, acne prone skin.

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DermaFix’s Top 5 summer skin care must-haves

When summertime comes around, as South African’s we typically welcome bikinis, poolside lounging and swopping out those winter boots for some colourful flip flops. Whether you’re a beach bum or just running errands during the summer, you can’t be too careful when it comes to summer skin care and protecting your skin. Sun damage can lead to premature wrinkles, dark marks, and even potential skin cancer over time.

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