Going for a regular facial might be old news however, for some, there are those who want to start a thorough skin care regime, but they have no idea how or where to start. We are taught that cleansing, toning and moisturising the skin are the foundations of any good skin care regime, but what do you use to cleanse, tone and moisturise?


The best place to start is to visit your DermaFix Skin Care Professional for a thorough consultation done during a DermaFix Kick-Start Facial. Throughout your DermaFix Facial your Skin Care Professional will follow basic steps to assist with the improvement of your skin care concerns based on what is noted during a Skin Care Analysis. This is a vital step allowing for important information to be noted as well as providing a full understanding of your skin care concerns. Once this step is completed the noted concerns will ensure that the correct DermaFix products are used during the facial as well as assist in the recommendation of homecare support.


A full DermaFix Facial should consist of various steps including the use of a Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Masque, Massage Medium, Serums, Moisturiser and Sun Protection. All these steps are customised according to your specific skin care concerns however, the Masque Application for a DermaFix Kick-Start Facial is one that promotes skin rejuvenation and ensures that you get the most out of the DermaFix Homecare Support Products.


The Derma Corrective Enzyme Masque, used in the DermaFix Kick-Start Facial, makes use of a herbal enzyme formulation containing soothing Flowers of Oats and Amino Acids which helps to soften “plasticized” and hardened skin caused by the overuse of AHA’s, Glycolics or other acid-based products. It helps raise the skin’s pH, dissolving and drawing out embedded topical product residues, and prepares the skin for advancement into progressive masque protocols. The skin firming ingredients activate motor point sensations to lift the skin as it’s stimulates vascular activity, naturally oxygenating the cell-producing skin layers. This extremely gentle, yet very effective formulation works at lifting sagging skin around the jaw, neck and under the eye area.


In addition to the benefits of the Derma Corrective Masque formulation, this masque is mixed with the DermaFix Corrective Activator, a natural exfoliation product created to activate the botanical enzymes in the DermaFix Masques. This is a viscous, translucent, botanical fluid derived from the outer epithelial shell of kelp. The formulation has the ability to penetrate into the pores and help lift out and remove redundant skin cells, bringing a refreshing, youthful glow.


All DermaFix Facials are completed with the application of DermaShield SPF 40/50 which provides high UVA/UVB protection. DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 is formulated to meet all the requirements as per the South African legislation and is SANS 1557:2013, ISO 24444, ISO 24443 approved.


The DermaFix Skin Care Professional will recommend the correct DermaFix homecare products to improve your skin care concerns and ensure you take better care of your skin. It is recommended to have a DermaFix Facial once a month as it gives your DermaFix Skin Care Professional time to assess your skin on an ongoing basis.